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The innocent #1
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 5:01 pm    Post subject: The innocent #1 Reply with quote

The rhythm of the train was sending me to sleep, but I didnít want to doze. My mind was full and I wanted it to stay that way. I was trying not to think about where I was going, or the nerves would take me again, and I could do without the nerves. The heat of the carriage was intoxicating, and my fingers reached for my throat. I needed a drink. The train pulled into my station, and I hastily gathered my belongings. The platform was quiet, as I would expect it to be at such a late hour, and I shuddered, the difference between the carriage and the winter cold biting at my skin. He was waiting for me, my new employer, his expression unreadable.
He turned and walked away, and I took that I was to follow him. Picking up my cases, I hastened behind him.
"Iím very pleased to meet you, Iím..."
"I know who you are."
His voice was smooth and silken, his posture grand and haughty, and I could do nothing more than scamper behind him, a mouse pursuing the cat. He led me to a car as dark and imposing as he was.
The journey was short but uncomfortable, and I was beginning to long for home. How could I have imagined that I would want to work for this man, when I would have done just as well as a secretary in my home town, a small company with a cheery manager and girls to giggle with at lunchtime. Instead I was heading for certain misery, and with no way out of the contract I had signed, based on the generous salary he had offered. He was a horrible man, and my youthful arrogance was determined to never like him.
We soon approached an enormous house, and it struck me that the drive was longer than the street of my family home. It was late evening by now, and I was still very tired, but knew that he would insist I carry my own luggage. I was right. Despite the number of servants that attended to his own needs as he stepped out of the car, I was expected to fend for myself.
As I stepped into the grand hall, the beauty of the architecture was overwhelming. A grand staircase swept upwards into what seemed like the sky, and lights shimmered all around, transforming me into another place, another life that was not my own. He snapped me back into reality, when he sharply spoke.
I hurried after him, unsure as to whether he meant for me to bring my bags, but the decision was made for me as a manservant took them from me and drifted up the stairs. I followed him into his study, and he closed the door behind us. I hung to the edge of the room until he gestured to a chair in front of his desk, wherupon I sat, eager to please but more eager to escape.
He was reading my letter.
"You type."
It was a statement, but I answered with a yes, my eyes fixed on his hands which were long and elegant, turning the page with slow interest.
"I am pleased with your qualifications."
He leaned back in his chair and laced his fingers together, appraising me with his stare, studying me intently.
"Do you desire me?"
The question startled me and I sat straight in my chair, my tongue glued to the roof of my mouth, my eyes wide in horror and fear.
I was unsure of the origin of my voice. I was sure that I had spoken, but where had it come from? I no longer had control of my actions as I leaned forward and addressed him with disgust.
"I am offended by your question!" I blazed, my cheeks pink, my eyes burning, "and I think I would like to leave now."
He laughed a low, throaty chuckle, and drank from a glass that I had not noticed previously. I wanted to rise and storm out, but something was keeping me in his presence.
He nodded slowly and smiled a sickly smile, disgusting me to the very core, but at the same time I could feel myself warming to his insolence. He was amused by me, and in turn I was enthralled by him. His arrogance was seductive, and I was powerless in his gaze.
"I would simply like to know my duties, sir."
He nodded and waved his hand dismissively.
"You know how to be a secretary, but do you know how to please your master?"
His eyes were fixed on mine now and I could feel him drinking me in. I was losing myself in his hypnotic words, his elegant face, his pool deep eyes. My senses were all at their peak, my skin prickling with the feeling that he desired me, and I was shocked by my submission.
"I have never had a master."
I meant it to sound bold, and I meant to dismiss him, but it sounded weak, my voice once again seperate from my throat. He was aroused by me, and it thrilled me, despite my fighting it.
He moved to the window in one effortless gesture, and my eyes followed him. He turned.
"You will desire me," he stated, "as I desire you." I nodded dumbly. "Your clothes for dinner are laid out on your bed."
I realised that I had been dismissed, and left the room breathless and bemused. What had happened to me in that room? What had he done to me? The manservant was in my attendance, and he led me up the stairs to a room which appeared more vast and more grand than any I had seen before. On the lavishly dressed bed was a beautiful black corset, alongside briefs and stockings to match. I turned to the servant.
"Where is the dress?"
He bowed his head and backed from the room, and I was left alone.
I knew what he was doing. He was challenging me. He was daring me to rebel, teasing me in my innocence.
I would give him no such satisfaction.
I entered the room in the attire, my chin raised high, and his smile bore into me. He stood to receive me, and I appreciated the new way in which I was to be treated. So this was his game, this was how I was to behave. I still did not desire him, but I disliked him a little less. He was brazen, but he was honest.
I sat in the seat to his left, and he welcomed me from his position at the head of the table, pouring me wine despite the attending servants, offering me bread and meat. I ate slowly and drank carefully, aware that his eyes did not leave me the whole time. But he did not try to seduce me.
I found myself wanting him to.
At the end of the meal, he simply thanked me for my company, stood, and left.[size=18][/size][color=black][/color]
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