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Discipline for A Naughty Bottom - Chapter 2
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 4:04 am    Post subject: Discipline for A Naughty Bottom - Chapter 2 Reply with quote

Discipline For A Naughty Bottom

Chapter 2

My relationship with Brett began when we were still in college; I was a sophomore and he was a senior. Now several years later, I’m an accountant for a large company and he’s the manager of the men’s store I’d just visited in the mall. We’re two of a kind, Brett and I, two of the kinkiest kind to be exact.

The road to our happiness began before I’d even met him. I was a freshman then, smart-mouthed and bratty, sure of my power over men and out of control. That’s when I met Jay, the resident advisor in the boy’s dorm that was the counterpart to the girl’s dorm I lived in.

Jay had a certain air of confidence and authority about him that allowed him to maintain control over his side of the dorm even as it attracted many a starry-eyed freshman girl from across the way. Not that any of us had a chance, he had a very attractive, older lady for a girlfriend and he made sure we all understood that. Besides, Jay was a man of honor and we were his charges which made us off limits in his mind.

As I teased and tortured Jay’s residents, it didn’t go unnoticed and more than once, I’d caught him giving me a slightly amused but stern look. I’d always been attracted to strong men who had no problem handling me, no matter how difficult I could be, so the freshmen boys had no chance with me; I always wore them down.

Jay on the other hand, intrigued me. I put on some of my best shows of brattiness in front of him while I wished he didn’t have that girlfriend. I would wonder how authoritative Jay would be with me if I was in her place. Especially after one such show when I found myself alone in the room with Jay, the freshman boy who’d been the target of my game, gone to lick his wounds.

As he passed behind me to leave, he leaned down and hissed in my ear, “Be careful, Lila. Be very careful.”

Then Jay was gone and I was left with the fantasy of what he would do if he was my boyfriend and I’d behaved so badly to him. I was still having those fantasies when the year wrapped up, Jay had graduated, and we were all packing to go home.

I had been flitting around saying good-bye to anyone who was left in the dorm and when I passed by his office, Jay’s door was open and he was talking on the phone. I walked in, closing the door behind me. Jay glanced up, wagged his finger at me, and finished up his call.

“Ready to go home for the summer, Lila?” he asked. “I’m sure there are lots of boys there for you to sharpen your claws on. At least I hope so, we wouldn’t want you to loose any of that lovely charm of yours.”

“Oh, please!” I answered, sticking my tongue out at him. “They only get what they deserve from me.”

“Then I think it’s high time you get what you’ve so richly deserved all year!” and with that, Jay grabbed me by the arm, sat down on the corner of his desk, and pulled me over his lap.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” I mock demanded, giggling from nervousness. I knew exactly what he was doing and it was what I’d been waiting all year for.

“I’m giving you that spanking you’ve needed, you brat!” With that, Jay began peppering my bottom with sharp spanks. I was wearing a thin pair of shorts and they gave me little protection from his heavy hand.

“Stop that, you beast!” I squealed very insincerly.

“You’re calling me a beast?” he asked incredulously, increasing the force of the spanks he was delivering to my bouncing bottom. “You’re the one who behaved beastly and now that I’m no longer an RA, I can finally give you what you’ve been asking for all year!”

“Owww! You big bully!” I gasped between giggles. I couldn’t help it; I was practically giddy because I was finally getting what I’d been after for so long.

“You think this is funny, do you,” Jay snarled. “Let’s see how funny you think this ruler is.”

“Yeoch!” I squealed when I felt the first stinging bites of the ruler on my bottom. Still it wasn’t enough to be unpleasant yet. Not to me anyway.

I kicked my feet and tried to sound appropriately unhappy about the treatment he was giving me. What he didn’t know was that I’d been spanked plenty by my previous boyfriend and had some experience with receiving a good healthy spanking from an aggrieved male. I’d always been a handful with my boyfriends, but it was my last one who had introduced me to spanking as a way of keeping a girl like me in line.

When I didn’t react as Jay had been expecting, he began spanking me even harder. Just as the spanking was becoming a real bun burner, the ruler broke. I heard a snap, followed by a crack as the broken part hit the window. I looked up and saw the broken half caught in the blinds.

“Whoops,” I said softly before becoming overcome by giggles again.

“You’re incorrigible,” Jay said, his voice cracking as he began laughing as well.

He gave me two more hard swats before setting me back on my feet. “I can’t believe you broke my ruler.”

“I broke your ruler?” I whined, rubbing my bottom rather dramatically. I couldn’t keep from grinning ear to ear though so the rubbing lost its desired effect.

“I take it you’ve been spanked before?” Jay asked. “Or should I say “often” is more the case?”

“Oh yes, very often,” I replied. “My ex-boyfriend thought it was the best way to handle me.”

“Well, I have to say I think he was right,” Jay grumbled affectionately. “I somehow knew you were the type of girl who would benefit from that kind of treatment. Too bad none of the boys here figured it out. It might have made this a more enjoyable year for all of us.”

“Hmph!” I spurted, and when the phone began to ring, I flounced out of his office, but not before turning and blowing him a goodbye kiss.

I figured that was the end of it but it gave me plenty of fuel for my fantasies. Although my previous boyfriend had spanked me plenty, he lacked that certain attitude that Jay was capable of. I was just finding out the affect a man with an air of authority could have on me.

After a long and frustrating summer, I returned to school in the fall. One night as I trolled the hot spots around campus, I happened to run into Jay and a group of his friends in one of the college hangouts. As soon as Jay spotted me, he called me over and I rushed over to greet him.

“Hello, brat-girl!” Jay exclaimed as he grabbed me for a hug. I’d already spotted his girlfriend so I knew not to make too much of it. Darn!

He introduced me around, asked if I wanted to sit with them, which I did since I didn’t see anyone else I knew there, and we all settled in for a night of revelry. I was surprised they’d welcome someone as young as me into their group, but they were all quite friendly so I relaxed and enjoyed myself.

It’d been a lonely summer and I didn’t quite have the attitude I’d had the previous fall. I was still as fast as ever with a comeback and a joke, but I was trying to be on my best behavior with this crowd.

Eventually, Jay leaned over, “I’m sorry but I obviously mistook you for this really obnoxious brat I knew last year.”

I punched him in the arm, “I’m still here, just not as loud and annoying.”

“Wow!” he teased me, “That spanking I gave you must have had a better effect than I thought at the time.”

“Oh, that’s it!” I laughed, glad for the noise of the crowd so no one could overhear what we were talking about. “One spanking from you and I’m suddenly reformed.”

Sobering up I continued, “I didn’t have the best summer. I went home and none of the guys wanted anything to do with me. Finally, one of my friends admitted that the way I acted put them all off. She said they all wished I would grow up.” I shrugged my shoulders and looked down at my hands so he wouldn't see the pain in my eyes.

“Hey, what kind of attitude is that?” Jay demanded. “Yeah, I admit, you could be a real pain sometimes, but you were always basically fun to be around. Why else do you think all those boys kept coming back for more?”

He paused, “Unless, of course, you were putting out and no one told me about it.”

“Hey!” I said attempting to appear outraged but instead dissolving into giggles. “One thing no man has ever been able to accuse me of is being easy. Bratty, annoying, full of myself, maybe; but never easy.”

“I didn’t think so,” Jay winked at me before turning back to look over his group of friends. “Have I ever introduced you to my buddy, Brett?”

“Jay, don’t take pity on me and try to pawn me off on some pal of yours,” I warned him.

“No, it’s not like that,” he returned. “Brett’s a good guy, and I have the feeling you two would get along. He’s got a firm hand, too.”

“Oh, really?” I replied, trying not to look too hopeful. “Which one is he?”

“The tall, dark-haired guy in the corner,” Jay said, nodding in the direction of a smiling Brett.

“He looks nice,” I started.

“Yes,” Jay replied, “But he can be rather strict with his girlfriends. You’ll end up with one very sore bottom on a regular basis if you take up with him. Think you can handle that?”

“I can definitely handle that,” I said grinning. “The question is, can he handle me?”

Jay smirked, and nudging me said, “C’mon, I think it’s time for an introduction!”

That’s how I met Brett and it wasn’t long before we were dating. At first I was a bit surprised by his interest in me since Brett was a couple of years older than Jay, which made him almost six years older than me. The age difference didn't seem to bother him though. I wondered if it was because Jay had already told Brett he thought I’d be a good candidate for his charms but that was never discussed on our early dates. In fact, spanking was never mentioned, not even teasingly.

Not that we needed to discuss the topic, it was obvious from the way he handled me that he enjoyed having the upper hand in his relationships. Brett treated me like a princess and was always quite the gentleman, but there was always the undercurrent of sternness in his treatment of me. I couldn’t quite explain it, but he had that air of quiet authority about him and with just a look, he could send a thousand butterflies thundering around my tummy.

I’d been on my best behavior so I wasn’t surprised when Brett asked me one night as we arrived in the parking lot of my apartment, “So what happened to that bratty attitude you are famous for?”

He was quick to add, “Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but Jay told me he had to put you over his knee and it makes me wonder. Jay doesn’t spank just anyone, you know.”

I was startled at first, but then I recovered enough to answer. “I decided I’d better do a little less bratting and little more being civil to people, especially guys. That is, if I wanted to resurrect my dating life.”

“I see,” Brett said slowly. “Is that all?”

“Well, if you must know,” I continued, “I didn’t want to scare you off.”

“I can handle brats just fine,” he answered looking me right in the eye. “Regular discipline can keep any brat from getting too out of hand…so to speak.”

“So you’re not against a girl being a brat?” I asked, not even bothering to hide my amazement.

“It’s not that I condone bratting, I just know how to handle it.” Brett went on, “That is, as long as the bratting is playful and not serious.”

As I continued to look at him as though he’d lost his mind, he went on. “You see, I like to spank my girlfriends. I like to spank them a lot and it helps if I have something to spank them for. Now if the bratting were to get out of hand and get to a ridiculous level, then it’s bad for everyone involved, especially the brat involved. But something about a fun, high-spirited brat just makes my hand itch.” With that he looked at his right hand and flexed it open and closed a couple of times.

“Also, I practice a form of domestic discipline. I expect my girlfriends to submit to me for regular discipline and that keeps the serious trouble any young lady could get into to a minimum. It’s one thing to get a good spanking for being bratty, it’s totally another to get a spanking for breaking the rules.”

“Rules?” I whispered faintly.

“Yes, there are rules,” Brett replied. “The rules are for your own good. Some are apparent, like taking care of yourself and being responsible for your actions and duties. Others are made as time goes on and I see the areas you need help or encouragement with.”

“I see,” I found I couldn’t quite look him in the eye. Something inside of me was reacting to what he was saying. I had never quite known what I was looking for in a man, but suddenly I was beginning to think Brett might know for me.

“This is all consensual, of course,” he was quick to add. “It’s also all done for your own good. Yes, I get pleasure from this type of relationship, but it doesn’t exist without your consent and willing participation. If you don’t get pleasure from this type of relationship, I don’t either and there’s no point in engaging in that type of activity.”

Brett reached over and placing his knuckle under my chin, lifted my face to look at him. “Have I frightened you?”

“No, Brett,” I replied, “You’ve only made me want to be with you even more.”

He kissed me then, long and deep, and full of promise. “I should walk you to your door now.”

I sighed but looking at the time, I knew he was right. I was a little weak in the knees as it was, so I almost stumbled when as we turned to walk up to my apartment, Brett demanded, “Why isn’t your porch light on?”

“I…ummm…I guess I…I sort of forgot to turn it on,” I stammered. “Sorry. But the main lights in the entryway are on,” I added hopefully.

“Yes, but the light by your door should be on as well.” He went on in a stern tone of voice that was turning my insides to jelly, “It’s too dark in that nook your door is set back in for you to be out here fumbling around with your house key. You should know better than that, young lady.”

There, he’d said one of the phrases I’d been waiting so long to hear; he’d called me “young lady” while scolding me. I thought I was going to faint as I fumbled for my key in my little purse.

When I found the keys, I looked up to see Brett standing with his arms folded in front of him and a smoldering look in his eyes. “I found it,” I said weakly, jingling my keys at him.

Realizing I’d better get moving, I quickly turned to open my door and was surprised when a hard spank landed on my bottom. I was so surprised I dropped my keys. I quickly bent to pick them up; Brett continued to spank me…hard. The sound echoed in the entryway. I couldn’t find them and squatted down in an effort to protect my bottom. Brett knelt down behind me and continued warming my backside with his hand.

“Got them!” I exclaimed as I somehow got the door open. We stumbled in, me scurrying just ahead of Brett’s spanking hand and him right behind me, not letting up until the door was closed behind us.

I looked up at him as I pressed my tingling bottom against the door, wondering what he’d do next.

“Lock the door,” he commanded.

I nodded and turning around, I locked both locks.

“I think you know you’re in trouble, don’t you?” Brett said softly and rather menacingly. I nodded unable to speak.

“Do you have a straight chair or bench?” he asked. Without answering I turned and led the way to my bedroom, where I had a nice sturdy bench for my vanity.

Brett pulled it into the middle of the room, sat down, and pulled me over his lap. Before I could protest, he pulled up my short skirt, and yanked my lacy panties down to my knees. My bare bottom exposed, he began spanking me hard and fast.

“You’ll remember to turn your light on when you leave from now on,” Brett lectured. “It’s not safe for you to come home to a dark entrance. Anything could happen!”

“Owww!” I yelped, realizing Brett was serious about this spanking. This was no playful, teasing, or light spanking. He was quickly setting my backside ablaze.

“Do you hear me, young lady?” he demanded of me.

“Yesss! Yesss!” I wiggled and gasped, “Oh please, Brett, not so hard!”

“Oh I’m not falling for that,” he growled, somehow increasing the intensity of his spanks. “We both know you can take a lot harder spanking than this and I’m trying to get a point across so you don’t get to decide how hard a spanking you get. I care about you and you need to take that seriously. You will take care of yourself and if you don’t, I’ll make sure you learn the error of your ways.”

Brett wasn’t letting up and I began kicking my feet in desperation as he continued scolding me. It was all I’d hoped for and more than I’d expected. Even though the spanking stung like little fires were being lit all over my bottom, I didn’t really want him to stop. I got what I wanted because the spanking went on for some time longer.

“Let’s get one thing straight,” Brett said as he paused the spanking briefly. He then punctuated his next sentence with the hardest spanks yet, “You will *SPANK* remember *SPANK* to turn *SPANK* your light *SPANK* on *SPANK* when *SPANK* you leave!” *SPANK* *SPANK* *SPANK*

Resting his hand on my burning bottom, Brett then asked quietly, “Do you understand me, Lila?”

“Yes, Brett,” I gasped, “I’m sorry!”

“Good girl,” he praised me as he pulled me up and sat me on his lap. Cuddling me into his chest, he stroked and kissed my hair. I sighed and turned my face to his, seeking his lips with mine.

My bottom was stinging like mad and I wanted Brett more than I’d ever imagined I could. Our kisses were becoming more intense, our hands were all over each other, and just as I thought I knew what was next, Brett grabbed my bottom and squeezed hard.

“Owww!” I complained, pouting a little.

“Not yet, Lila,” Brett moaned. “As much as I want you, not yet.”

“Why?” I whimpered.

“Because, we need more time to get to know each other,” he huskily replied. “I want to make sure we’re ready, completely committed to each other, and understand what kind of relationship we both want.”

Putting his hands on each side of my face, he turned me to him so he could speak directly to me. “We shouldn’t jump into intimacy before we have a solid foundation established. There’s so much more to this that we haven’t discussed yet and I couldn’t stand it if we got this wrong; I care about you that much already.”

Somehow despite the muddle that my mind was, I understood what he was saying and I knew he was right. I nodded and smiled weakly at him.

“I should go and we can talk about this tomorrow.” Brett smiled tenderly at me, “But there’s something I need to do first. Do you have any lotion, sweetie?”

After I brought him the lotion, Brett put me back over his knee and applied the lotion soothingly to my tenderized bottom. While I sighed and moaned, he spoke lovingly to me and relaxed me more than I’d been in months. I knew there would be more negotiations later to solidify our relationship but I knew we were meant to be together so I wasn’t worried, and for the moment I was in heaven.

When Brett left that night, he kissed me goodbye, and I stumbled to my room, melted into my bed, and fell fast asleep. That was the first of countless nights I would go to sleep with a warm bottom and a happy heart.

Our beginning was three years ago now, and as I drove home from the mall, I knew my bottom was going to be hot and throbbing again very soon. Brett still loved his brat and welcomed the chance to spank the brat out of her whenever she misbehaved. This was one of those chances and I couldn’t wait to get home to see what debauchery he had planned for me.

Tingling with anticipation, I pulled into the driveway and turned off my car. Looking up, I saw Brett standing in the doorway, arms crossed in front of him, and a stern look on his face.

“Some things never change,” I thought as I hurried to get to him.

Next: Chapter 3
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J. Fisher

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 16, 2007 12:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Laughing Moving right along. Very Good.
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Jack Nelson

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 2:34 pm    Post subject: Can't wait for her to get home! Reply with quote

I love teh story and can't wait until our 'young lady' gets home!
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 7:31 am    Post subject: Sorry about not responding sooner Reply with quote

Thank you for the encouraging words! I haven't posted the next chapter because I realized it needed some serious revisions and I never got around to it.

As soon as possible I'll sit down and do the revisions. But I have to admit that having been quite naughty lately, sitting comfortably for long periods of time has been a problem. Embarassed

I need to work on that. Wink
Nothing says "I love you" like a well-spanked bottom.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 5:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm reading it, I doubt it's viscosity. And I doubt very much at all now.
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