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The Adventures of Ranger Rick
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Alex B.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 06, 2006 6:31 am    Post subject: The Adventures of Ranger Rick Reply with quote

by Alex B.

There was a gentle wind blowing off the lake. From where he
stood in the ranger’s station, Rick Breyer could see the
tips of a thousand Douglas firs bending with the breeze.
The treetops rolled like a dark green ocean. Rick poured
himself a cup of coffee and picked up his binoculars.
Taking a sip, he put the high-powered lenses to his eyes
and scanned the woods. Midmorning is a good time of the day
for a forest ranger, there’s nothing much to do, the coffee
is fresh and the world looks perfect. His gaze meandered past
the trees, over the bluffs and across the lake. He focused in
on a small trail of smoke coming from the southwest corner of
the woods. This seemed odd because Rick didn’t know of any
campers out that way. Deciding to investigate, he put on his
jacket and headed for the door. He was met in the hallway by
his girlfriend Dana Bramble, a counselor at Running Bear
Summer Camp. Dana was a buxom twenty-six year old with short
auburn hair and a winning smile.

She wasn’t smiling right then.

“I want to talk to you!” she stated, planting herself between
the ranger and the door.”

“You mean you want to talk AT me, don’t you?”

“I’m serious!” Dana said. “There’s a rumor going around about
you and that horse rancher from the valley!”

“Where did you hear this rumor?” Rick asked.

“At the Flat Branch Bar. I heard folks talking about you and
that Davis woman just last night.”

“Her name is Dreyfuss- Letitia Dreyfuss. And what were you doing
at the Flat Branch? You don’t even drink!”

“I was looking for you.” Dana said. “I went by your cabin last
night and you weren’t there, so I figured you must have gone
into town. Look, don’t try to change the subject! People are
talking about you and that woman and it just doesn’t look
very... professional!”

“Well, what are they saying?” he asked.

“What do you THINK they’re saying?!”

“I don’t know! She’s a good looking woman. She unattached and
I’ve been over to her place a few times. Maybe people think
we’re seeing each other.”

“They think you're up to more than that! Some say they know it
for a fact!”

“Who told you that?!”

“Debbie Morrow! Dana shot back. “She's heard all about it!”

“Oh, come on! She’s a waitress in a bar! She’s bound to hear
all kinds of wild stories!”

“Debbie heard this one from Ms. Dreyfuss herself! She told
Debbie that you two had a little meeting in the woods and that
afterward she couldn’t ride her horse for days!”

Rick thought about it a moment, then burst into laughter.

“It’s not funny!” Dana shouted.

“It is if you know the whole story!”

“So is it true?” she demanded.

“Not really. I mean, I didn’t give it too her all that hard.”

Dana brought her hand across Rick’s face so fast he almost bit
his tongue.

“You bastard!” she hissed as she turned to leave. Rick snapped
out of his momentary daze and grabbed Dana by the arm.

“Hey, now wait a minute!”

“Get away!” Dana said, trying to slap him again. But this time
Rick grabbed her other arm before she could strike. He held
Dana’s arms at her sides as he calmly spoke.

“Hold on now. I think you misunderstood." he said, guiding Dana
to a nearby chair and sitting her down. “I did run into Letitia
in the woods the other day and we did have a little meeting,
but believe me, it was anything but friendly! See, I found her
riding her horse near the East side of the lake which is way off
the horse trail. I drove up and told her that it wasn’t a safe
place for riding and offered to escort her back to the trail.
She argued for a while then gave me the old one-fingered salute
and rode off. So I got back in my truck and followed her until
I had her cornered near the foothills. I was so angry by then
that I was thinking about hauling her into the sheriff’s office,
but then I had a better idea. I remembered that trusty oak
paddle of mine in the glove box, so I decided to give her
a taste of the tear-jerker.”

“You didn’t!” Dana gasped.

“Yes I did! And you should have seen the look on her face when
I came out of the truck with that paddle in my hand!”

“Did she make a run for it?”

“She didn’t have time! I dragged her down off that horse and
over to a fallen tree before she could blink. Then I hauled
her over my lap and started whacking her fanny. Boy, did she
start yelling! Worse than you do!”

“I don’t blame her!” Dana said, remembering her last encounter
with that particular paddle. “You really know how to swing
that thing!”

“She deserved every swat she got! Anyway, I paddled her for
a good minute or two and when I stood her up she was bawling
and rubbing her bottom!”

“I bet you liked that!”

“Well, she did look awful cute. Not as cute as you, of course.”
Rick lifted Dana’s chin with his right hand. He leaned in and
their lips met in a soft kiss. All the tension in Dana’s body
fell to the floor.

“So all you did was spank her?” she whispered as she wrapped
her arms around Rick’s shoulders.

“Yeah.” he whispered back. “Then I told her that next time
I caught her, I’d use my belt. After she stopped crying,
she apologized, got on her horse and rode away. So she couldn’t
have been THAT sore! She must have been exaggerating when she
told the story to Debbie.”

“Not only that,” Dana added. “but the way Debbie told me
the story, it sounded like something completely different
happened out in those woods.”

“See? That’s how rumors get started. Somebody exaggerates,
then someone else puts their spin on the story and the next
thing you know it’s a big scandal! I think I’ll drop by
the Flat Branch this weekend. Let’s see if Debbie can talk
her way out of her own trip to the woodshed!”

They both laughed as they shared a tight embrace. Rick picked
Dana up in his arms and sat her down on the edge of the desk.
She wrapped her legs around Rick’s waist as they kissed again.

“Still mad at me?” Rick asked.

“Well, I’m a bit jealous. I thought you made that paddle to use
on me, not some uppity bitch from the valley!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that.” Rick replied. Out of the
corner of her eye, Dana could see that Rick was reaching into
the desk drawer and taking out the paddle in question.
She squealed and tried to break away, but Rick had already
grabbed hold of her left arm. It was a short struggle that
ended with Rick sitting on the edge of his desk and Dana
pinned over his lap.

“What did you think was going to happen? You slapped my face,
you little brat!”

“I was angry!” Dana explained.

“Yeah?! Well, now I’M angry!” Rick said, lifting the paddle.

“Wait! You can at least let me apologize!”

“You’ll have plenty of time for that while you’re standing in
the corner!”

With that, Rick brought the paddle down with a loud smack across
the young woman’s denim-covered bottom.

“Oooowwww!!!” Dana shouted.

“She started to squirm right away, so Rick got a firmer grip
on her waist and threw his right leg over her calves. With Dana
in a firm scissor-hold, the paddling resumed and Rick smacked
Dana’s fanny with renewed gusto.

“Yow! You big bully! Ow!”

“Go ahead, get yourself in deeper!” Rick said mockingly between
cracks of the paddle. “I guess I’m not spanking hard enough!”
Rick started raising the paddle higher and bringing it
down faster. Dana noticed the increased severity of the
blows immediately.

“Oh! Ow! I’m sorry! Ouch! Hey, I said I'm sorry!"

“You’ll be sorrier in a minute!” Rick stood her up and quickly
unbuckled her jeans. Stunned and out of breath, all Dana could
do was stand and watch as he yanked her pants and panties down
past her thighs. The next thing she knew, she was back over
Rick’s knee staring at the top of his desk as the paddle began
a vicious assault on her bare ass cheeks. Rick held the handle
of the paddle tightly and swung the flat end with vigor as Dana
began to kick and cry out loud.

“Ooh! Rick, please! Ow! I promise I’ll- Ouch! I’ll never hit
you again!”

“Damn straight!” he replied with a volley of swats that quickly
had Dana begging for mercy.

“Owww! Okay! That’s enough! Ouch! I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!”

Rick ignored her pleas. Instead, he started to concentrate on
the lower part of Dana’s ass, just above her thighs- an area
Rick liked to call “the sweet spot”. After landing swat
after swat to that one location for a minute or so, Dana was
ready to promise anything if he’d only stop. She was yelling
something to him, but her pathetic blubbering made the
words incoherent. It didn’t really matter to Rick anyway.
This little girl had thrown a rock at a hornet’s nest and now
she was going to get stung! He continued paddling Dana’s bottom
soundly as he scolded her for having such a wicked temper.

“You get yourself all worked up over nothing!” he said
between swats. “Then you come up here and explode all over me!
Well, you should know by now that I don’t react well to that
kind of behavior! If a man talked that way to me, I’d punch his
lights out!” He punctuated each thought with a particularly
hard swat. Her voice too spent to yell, Dana lowered her head
and whimpered as Rick continued the spanking and the lecture.
“Luckily, I know how to handle a hot-headed brat like you!
You just need to have your pants pulled down and your bottom
blistered now and then. I pity any man dealing with you who
doesn’t figure that out!”

Rick kept spanking her bottom until it was as red as a radish
and her body was as limp as a noodle. He then put the paddle
down on the desk and pushed Dana from his lap.

“Now you hustle your hot little buns over to that corner or
I’ll spank them again!”

Dana was already scampering to the corner when she hit
the floor. She tried to run but got tripped up by her panties
which were sill bunched around her ankles and fell face-first
onto the bearskin rug with a loud thud. She burst into tears
once again and looked over her shoulder for sympathy only to
see Rick coming at her with the paddle.

“You get into that corner!” he growled.

Dana kicked off those troublesome panties and scrambled to her
feet but not before the tear-jerker caught her left cheek with
a loud smack. This knocked her off balance and she fell forward
onto the palms of her hands with her bottom high in the air.
It was an irresistible target. Rick swung the paddle like a
polo mallet and brought it across Dana’s vulnerable fanny with
a powerful smack that sent her lunging forward. She dashed for
the corner receiving two more stinging swats on the way.
Dana then stood in her place and began rubbing her cheeks with
feverish intensity and hopping around the hardwood floor in a
manner not unlike a Navajo rain dance.

“Now you keep that nosy little nose of yours in the corner until
I get back!” Rick commanded.

Then he ran his hands down from her shoulders to her hips.
He pressed his midsection against her burning ass. Dana gasped.
She could feel his hardness pressing into the crack of her raw,
aching bottom. His hands slid around to cup her breasts.
Dana’s eyes rolled back in her head as she quietly moaned as
Rick whispered in her ear.

“I’ll be gone half an hour- maybe a bit longer and if you’ve
moved one step from that spot before I get back, you’re going
to take another trip on the bare-bottom express, understand?”
Dana nodded in agreement. Rick picked up his keys and hat,
then decided to take the paddle along as well. “But if you’re
a good girl, I’ll come back here, bend you over that desk and
take you from behind the way you like. After that, I think
I'll give you a quick hand spanking, just as a reminder.
Then we'll go into town for a steak. What do you say to that?”

“Sounds real good.” Dana said over her shoulder. A big grin
was coming over her tear-stained face. “Can I rub myself while
you’re gone?”

“Only your backside, honey. I want the rest of you waiting
for me.”

“Hurry back then.” Dana purred as she ran her hands seductively
over the reddened cheeks of her ass.

Rick’s mouth had gone too dry to answer and so he simply headed
out the door.

As Rick left the ranger’s station, something was troubling him.
It was that smoke coming from the Southwest, near the lake.
He called the registration office on the radio.

“Hey, Pete. Any campers sign in yet today?”

“No, it’s been pretty dead so far.” Pete replied. “A couple of
young gals in a jeep drove through this morning, but they
didn’t check in or anything.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Rick headed over to a secluded campsite at a far corner of
the lake. Sure enough, there was a campfire burning and a jeep
parked nearby. He parked his truck near the campfire and
looked around. There was a small tent and a couple of folding
chairs near the picnic table. Apparently, the girls had set up
camp without signing in. Rick sat down at the table to wait.

A few minutes later, two attractive young women who appeared
to be in their early twenties came wandering out of the woods.
Neither of them seemed at all surprised to see him there.
One had short red hair and the other was a brunette
with pigtails. Rick recognized the brunette immediately.

“Jill Windsor!” he said as he stood to meet them.

“Ranger Rick!” Jill answered back. She knew that Rick hated
that title. Jill Windsor had been camping in Rick’s corner
of the woods for years and knew exactly how to piss him off.

“Don’t call me that.” he said politely. “What have you been
up to, Jill?”

“Well, my friend and I were just looking for berries, but we
couldn’t find any, could we?”

The redhead nodded “no” with a flirtatious grin.

“Oh, this is my friend, Denise. I told her all about you,
Ranger Rick. I told her all about that time you caught me
throwing cherry bombs into the lake to catch fish and how
you bent me over a log and paddled my ass.”

“Yeah.” Denise chimed in. “I wish I could have seen that!”

“Uh-huh. Look, why don’t you just go to the registration office
and sign in? You should have done that in the first place.”
Rick said.

“Well, you know how it is, Ranger Rick-”

“Stop saying that! You know I don’t like it! The last time you
called me ‘Ranger Rick’, I took a switch to your backside.
Did she tell you about that?”

“At least a dozen times.” Denise said, looking at Jill
quite knowingly. “Gets better every time I hear it.”

“And what about this?” Rick pointed at the fire. The girls
looked at each other, smirking.

“Uh, what do you mean?” Jill asked innocently.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about! You’re never supposed
to leave a fire unattended!”

“Oh, but Ranger Rick...” Jill started.

“That’s it!” Rick said, grabbing Jill by the wrist. She put up
very little struggle as she was taken to a tree stump and even
less as Rick yanked her jeans down and hauled her over his lap.
Rick started spanking Jill with enthusiasm, but even as he
swatted her with strokes that made his hand ache, she didn’t
move a muscle. Jill seemed unaffected by the spanking,
almost bored.

“Do me a favor.” Rick said to Denise. “Go get me my paddle out
of the glove compartment of the truck. It’s not locked.”
Denise smiled and hurried to do as she was told.

“What’s the matter, Ricky? Can’t cut the mustard?” Jill said
over her shoulder.

“Your butt must be a lot tougher than it was last summer!”
he replied.

“It is! You know, you’re not the only guy in the world who knows
how to take a girl to the woodshed! With the right attitude,
a brat like me can get her wagon painted anytime she pleases!”

Denise returned with the paddle. She winked at Rick as she
slowly slid it into his hand.

“Well, that may be, young lady.” he told Jill as he yanked
her panties down to her knees. “But I’m going to give you
a paint job you won’t forget for a long, long time!”

With that, Rick slapped her bottom with the paddle so hard
even Denise jumped with alarm. Jill’s mouth dropped open,
but before she could even begin to cry out, several equally
powerful swats exploded across her fanny. Jill tried to keep
her composure in front of Denise, but the heat that Rick
was delivering to her throbbing ass cheeks was too much to
bear silently. With gaining speed, the paddle mercilessly
struck her burning cheeks. Her hands clawed the dirt as she
bucked wildly against Rick’s lap. She began kicking in a
circular motion, almost as if she was riding a bicycle
and soon she was openly weeping.

Denise stood by, staring intently as Rick and the tear-jerker
swiftly transformed her smug, sarcastic friend into a sobbing,
remorseful little girl. Just as Jill began to make heartfelt
apologies between cracks of the paddle, Denise decided to make
an announcement.

“Actually, I’m the one who was supposed to put out the fire.”
she said, stepping forward. “So I’m really the one you should
be punishing.”

Rick looked up into Denise’s gleaming green eyes, which looked
far more hopeful than guilty.

“Fine. You’re next.” he said.

Rick gave Jill’s glowing bottom one more resounding swat.
Then he placed the tear-jerker on the table and brought Jill
to her feet.

“There! I guess you got what you wanted! All right, now pull
your pants up!”

Still out of breath and crying, Jill hiked up her jeans and
buckled her belt. Rick lead her over to a nearby tree. He turned
her around so that her bottom was pressed up against the trunk.

“Stand right here and don’t budge.” he told Jill, wiping a tear
from her cheek with his thumb.

Rick then turned to Denise who seemed quite resigned to
her fate.

“I guess it’s my turn now.” Denise said, kicking off her boots
and unbuttoning her jeans. Slightly confused, Rick watched as
the young woman wriggled out of her denims and then folded them
neatly on the picnic table. She stood before the ranger in
nothing but a plaid flannel shirt and white ankle socks.
She then calmly padded up to Rick as he sat himself back down
on the stump. “Now, will I be getting one of those cute little
hand spankings or will you just go straight to the paddle?”

Rick knew when he was being mocked. He thought about the
situation for a moment, then grabbed Denise around the legs,
tossing her over his left shoulder. He stood as he did this
and grabbed the paddle from the table. He then began swatting
Denise’s bottom vigorously. Her shirt had fallen down over her
head leaving her bottom no protection whatsoever. Again and
again Rick whacked the young lady’s naked ass as she kicked
and twisted helplessly over his shoulder. He walked around
slowly as he continued smacking her soundly. He seemed to be
marching to the beat of the paddle as he slapped it against
one cheek and then the other. Then he stood still and performed
a two minute drum solo on Denise’s rosy cheeks. All the while,
Denise’s shouting and cries for help were muffled underneath
that thick flannel shirt.

“Is this as much fun as you thought it would be?”
Rick laughed as he relentlessly swatted the helpless girl’s
bright red bottom.

Denise managed to pull up Rick’s shirt tails and began clawing
at his back with her long nails. Seeing that this position had
its drawbacks, Rick swiftly headed for the edge of the lake
and dumped the vicious little wildcat into the shallows.
He walked away, leaving Denise thrashing around in the water
and yelling at the top of her lungs. Then he walked up to Jill
who was now laughing hysterically.

“Do YOU want to take a swim?!” he said, pointing a threatening
finger at her.

Jill quickly stopped giggling.

“No, sir!”

Rick went over to the picnic table, grabbed one of the two tin
coffee mugs sitting there and handed it to her.

“Then go fill this up in the lake and douse the fire with it
until it’s completely out.”

“With this?” Jill complained. “It’ll take fifty trips!”

“Then get your friend over there to help you!” Rick said,
handing her the other cup. Jill took the two mugs over to
the lake. She gave one to Denise and explained what they were
to do.

“What?!” Denise shouted as she marched out of the water
and up to Rick. “You know, you could have drowned me!”

“I dumped you in a foot of water, you little twerp! Now, go
help your friend put out the fire, because I’m still pissed off
and my arm isn’t tired at all!” Rick waved the paddle at her
as he spoke.

Denise quickly saw the logic in his words and went to work.
It took the young women a dozen trips apiece to put out
the fire, but they worked swiftly and without complaint.

“Good job.” Rick said when they were finished. “Now if you
ladies want to camp here, that’s fine. Go sign up at the
registration office and pay the ten dollars. If you don’t want
to do that, I suggest you haul your rosy little bottoms out
of my park, because I’m going to come back tomorrow and if I
find you’re still here without signing up, I’m going to assume
you want more of the same. Got it?”

Both woman agreed to these terms and Rick headed back to
his truck. Denise grabbed the tear-jerker from the picnic table
and brought it to him.

“Don’t forget this.” she said and kissed Rick full on the mouth.
Their tongues met for an instant. Rick gently pushed her away.

“That’s enough of that.” he said, smiling.

As he drove off, Rick could see Jill and Denise waving to him
in the rearview mirror. He thought momentarily about what he
would do if he were a few years younger. But it was time to
get back to the station. Someone very special was waiting
for him there.

"I'll love you 'til you can't sit down!”
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