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Rusty Gets a Real One
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Alex B.

Joined: 06 Jul 2006
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Location: San Diego, CA

PostPosted: Thu Jul 06, 2006 3:58 am    Post subject: Rusty Gets a Real One Reply with quote

by Alex B.

I still feel a sweet twinge every time I think about her.
Rusty Graham. Her real name was Allison, but that just
didn't fit. Allison sounds like the name of a nice girl who
plays by the rules. Rusty knew no rules as far as I could tell
and so I always used her childhood nickname which originated
from the tint of red in her strawberry-blonde curls.

I only have one picture of us together. It was taken at an
arcade just before Christmas 1996. I remember Rusty grabbing my
wallet and lifting out four singles. She fed them into the front
of a photo booth and then dragged me inside. I attempted to
smile, but just before the flash, she reached down between my
legs and gave by balls a powerful squeeze. I still have that
wallet-size picture stuck in the corner my bedroom mirror.
It's a bit scratched and bent now, but I can clearly make
out the look of complete shock on my face and that wickedly
mischievous grin on hers. As soon as the camera flashed,
she let go of my nuts, kissed me full on the lips and leapt
from the booth. I ended up chasing her through the arcade
several times before catching her near the ski ball alleys
where I playfully wrestled her to the floor. A few people
watched in mild amusement as I managed to pin her to the
carpet and tickle her mercilessly until she threatened to pee.
I quickly released her because I had known her to make good
on this promise. Rusty got to her feet and made a dash for
the door. I gave chase, following her out into the parking lot.
I caught her just as she reached my car, throwing my arms
around her legs. I tossed her over my shoulder and delivered
several swift smacks to her bottom as I spun her around.
Rusty giggled and squealed all the while. As soon as I placed
her back on her feet, she made another grab for my privates.
But I swatted her hand away and trapped her in a bear hug.

“Now you’re gonna get it!”

“Ooh! What ya gonna do, huh? What ya gonna do?” Rusty taunted.

“I’m gonna spank you, that’s what!” I announced.

Rusty immediately stopped twisting around.

“Really?” she said in a husky voice. “Am I being a bad girl?”
She grabbed my face and pressed her lips against mine.
“Am I your bad girl?” She caught my upper lip between her teeth.
My mouth dropped open in surprise and her tongue darted inside.
I met her tongue with mine and we kissed deeply. Then suddenly,
she stopped. "Damn!" she cried out suddenly and ran back into
the arcade.

"Hey! What are you doing?" I shouted.

A minute later, Rusty returned, fanning herself with the photo.
She held the picture in front of my face.

"Gotcha!" she said, pointing at my wide eyes.

I told her that she was in big trouble as we got into the car,
but by the time we were back at my apartment, I’d more of less
forgotten about the ball-grabbing incident or any reprisals on
my part.

An hour or so later, we sat on the couch. Rusty leaned against
me, casually running a hand through my hair and blowing on my
neck as I fingered the remote.

“So?” she whispered between tiny kisses placed on and around
my ear.

“So what?” I asked.

“So when do I get this spanking you keep promising?”

“I promised you a spanking?”

“You’re always saying you’re going to spank me, but you
never do! I tease you, embarrass you publicly. I practically
beg you to spank me and you threaten to do it, but as soon as
we start, you get distracted or something.

“Didn’t I spank you last week?”

Rusty stopped to think for a moment.

“No! You slapped my ass while you were taking me from behind.”
She grinned warmly at the memory of it. “I do like that of
course, but it’s not what I really want. I want you to scold me,
tell me what a naughty little brat I am, then pull my pants
down and take me across your knee for a good old-fashioned
bottom tanning! And after that, make me stand in the corner
until I promise to behave myself. You know, a real spanking,
with all the trimmings... like in one of those stories.”

Suddenly, the conversation started making sense.

“Wait a minute.” I quickly muted the television. “What stories?”

“You know... the sexy ones. The ones on your computer in that
hidden file.”

This was at a point in my life when I had decided to keep my
writing and my romantic life separate.

“That’s my personal file, Rusty! You’re not supposed to be
snooping in there!”

“Well, then you shouldn’t have labeled it 'Private'! You know
I can’t resist that kind of thing! Besides, why do you want to
hide that stuff? It’s hot!”

I immediately pushed the power off button on the remote and rose
to my feet.

“All right, stand up!” I commanded.


“I’ve heard enough! Get up and stand over here!”
As I spoke, I pushed the coffee table over a few feet and
pointed to a spot on the carpet. I then hauled an armless chair
away from the dining table. Rusty was standing by then, but had
yet to move to the place I’d designated. So I took her by the
wrist and pulled her there, delivering a swift swat to the
seat of her jeans in the process. Though I was simply following
her instructions, my young partner seemed mesmerized by
my actions. Her jaw fell open slightly as I stood in front
of her with arms folded and began dressing her down.
“Do you have any idea how childish you’ve been behaving lately?”
I began. “Here you are nearly twenty-seven and you grab me by
the balls in public?! Then I have to chase you down for an
apology, which you still owe me by the way. And now I find out
you’ve been snooping into my private writings! Well, I’m not
taking any more of it, young lady! You’re going to learn to
behave starting right now!”

With that, I stepped forward to unbutton Rusty’s blue jeans.
She flinched, almost stepping back as I grabbed the front of her
pants and undid the top button. I wasted no time in working the
zipper and yanking her pants down around her hips, past her
knees and to her ankles. She gasped as I did this, as though
someone had thrown cold water in her face. I had her step out
of her pants and kick them aside. As usual, she was without
underwear, so she was now bare from the bottom of her t-shirt
to the top of her white cotton ankle socks. Her hands were
gently trembling at her sides as I stepped back to survey the
situation. Her voice wasn’t much more than a squeak as she tried
to talk.

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good-”

“Quiet!” I barked, giving her naked bottom a slap that instantly
had her wide-eyed and silent. “Oh, you are going to get it now!”
I growled. “You’ve just earned yourself a spanking you’ll
never forget! Do you understand?”

Still a bit stunned, Rusty quickly nodded her head up and down.

I began to sit, but then it struck me that my little angel
might benefit from standing there for a minute or two with
her pants pulled down to drink in the atmosphere before the
festivities continued. I placed Rusty’s left hand on top her
head, then placed her right hand on top of her left leaving her
to momentarily contemplate her fate.

“Don‘t move now.” I said. Then I went into the kitchen and
checked the refrigerator for something to drink. I noticed a
bottle of champagne in the door which we were saving for a
special occasion. “This seems pretty special!” I thought.
I glanced into the next room and smiled at the sight of my
girlfriend who stood bare-assed with her hands on her head
awaiting a sound spanking- one she had actually asked for!
“If you take one step from that spot,” I announced as I removed
the foil from the top of the bottle, “I’m going to take off my
belt and you’ll really be dancing the night away! Got that?”
I could see Rusty nodding in compliance in the mirror over
the sink. One quick tug and the cork was out. I took a wine
glass from the cupboard and poured myself some bubbly. I leaned
against the counter enjoying my champagne and the lovely scene
in the next room. After finishing that glass, I poured another
and brought it into the living room. “Would you care for a
drink before we start?” Rusty reached out for the glass as
I approached. “No, no.” I said, giving her hand a light smack.
“Keep both hands on your head.” Rusty did as she was instructed
and I brought the brim of the glass to her lips and let her sip
from it. As she downed the last drop, I put my lips to her ear
and quietly spoke. “Are you ready for this?” I peered into her
eyes to see if she understood the question. By the reaction she
gave me, it was clear that she had no interest in stopping.
The corner of her mouth curved upward in a smile as subtle than
the Mona Lisa. She then bowed her head a bit, batting her eyes
and pouting as she replied.

“I guess I’ve got it coming.”

Without further delay, I placed the wine glass on the coffee
table and sat down in the chair I’d placed in the middle of
the room. I reached out and grabbed Rusty by the arm and pulled
her across my lap. My hand went up into the air as if by its
own power and just as seemingly self-controlled, it came down
with a smack across my lover’s pale, unprotected bottom.
Though the swat was not that hard, Rusty cried out as if she
were genuinely surprised. The next few swats to her fanny
brought some yelps and grunts. Seeing as this was Rusty’s
first trip over my knee, I decided to give her a sample
package of my various techniques. I spanked her at a moderate
pace for a while, then delivered several very hard swats with
long pauses between followed by a rapid volley of spanks that
left her breathless. Then I returned to the beginning and ran
through the menu over and over. How can I describe the sight
of my sweet Rusty kicking up a storm in those adorable little
ankle socks?! The oohs, and ouches, the owies and yows,
the promises to behave and outright blubbering that came
flooding out amid the stinging swats had become a lovely comic
symphony by time Rusty’s spanking was almost over. I finished up
with a dozen resounding swats, each of which had Rusty flinching
and crying aloud. After the last swat, I held her in place
gently patting and rubbing her sore bottom as she lay limply
over my legs.

“You know, in most of my writing, a hand spanking is just
the beginning.” I told Rusty as I massaged her pink, throbbing
ass cheeks. “Should I have you fetch a wooden spoon or a
hairbrush so I can really scorch your buns, you know...
like in one of my stories?”

“No, thank you!” Rusty managed to answer, half crying,
half laughing. “I think you’ve done a fine job already!”

I lifted my hand and Rusty pushed herself from my lap. I stood
as well and wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her tightly.
She hugged me back and placed kisses on my face. As I kissed her
in return I could taste her tears on my lips.

“Did you get what you wanted?” I asked.

Rusty reached back to feel and rub some of the sting from her
blazing backside.

“And then some!” she said with a wry grin.

“That’s kind of what it’s about- getting a little more than
you want.”

I then put my hands on her shoulders, turned her around and
marched her to a corner of the room.

“Oh, come on!” she protested.

“You wanted the full treatment.” I replied, giving her
freshly-spanked bottom an extra swat. “Now keep your nose
in that corner until I say you can leave.”

Rusty sighed and nodded in compliance.

Remembering that I’d left the remainder of the champagne out
where it would soon grow warm and flat, I went into the kitchen
to put it back in the fridge. Finding the bottle still quite
cold, I took a swig from it and then brought it with me into
the living room where my chastised girlfriend stood obediently
in the corner, gently cupping her reddened ass cheeks in
her hands.

“Come here.” I said. Rusty peered over her shoulder at me,
no doubt making sure that this wasn’t some trick to earn her
another spanking. “Yes, you can leave the corner.” I added.
She turned and padded over to me, her head slightly bowed.
I lifted the bottle to her lips and tilted it back. She took
the brim into her mouth and lustily drank the cool bubbly fluid,
grunting with pleasure as she swallowed. She flicked at the
bottle with the tip of her tongue as I finally took it away.
I set the champagne aside and then placed a finger under
Rusty’s chin, lifting her face up to mine.

“Are you going to be a good girl now... or do I have to take off
my belt?”

“No!” Rusty answered swiftly. “I mean, I’m definitely going to
be good!” She wiped a tear from the tip her nose and kissed
me sweetly. “And as far as taking off your belt.” she said as
she knelt before me and unfastened the buckle. “Why don’t you
let me do that?”

“This might make a good story.” I thought to myself as Rusty
slid my pants down my legs. “Of course, I’d have to end it
right here.”

"I'll love you 'til you can't sit down!”
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 2015 4:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I worry about what will follow.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Having a solid knowledge of this web site helped me a lot.
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Tifanykaty wrote:
I worry about what will follow.

I think that this question is very good.
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