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Laci Loves A Firm Hand - Chapter 1
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 12:03 am    Post subject: Laci Loves A Firm Hand - Chapter 1 Reply with quote

Chapter One

Laci sat quietly on her stool in the corner of the room, just as Paul had instructed her, and waited for her partners to arrive. She watched the door to their basement play room intently and was soon rewarded for her patience.

Paul strode into the room with her fellow sub, Jenny, in tow. Jenny was whimpering and pleading with Paul but he was in no mood to listen to her. Laci’s bottom tingled and she shifted her bottom slightly on her seat to intensify the effect.

Paul had been her dom for four years and Laci knew from experience that Jenny was in for quite a thrashing. It was a well deserved thrashing, too, so all of Jenny’s pleading would do her no good tonight.

“Silly girl,” Laci thought to herself as she thought of the events that had led up to this.

Jenny was a pretty young woman in her early twenties and built like the proverbial brick outhouse. She was also rather spoiled and not just a little lazy. When Laci and Paul had first met Jenny at a local spanko munch, they’d taken her under their wing since she was a newbie on the scene. Over time they’d become close, both as play partners and as friends, and after much deliberation, discussion, and more discussion, they’d taken her in as the third in their relationship.

Before Jenny had come along, Laci hadn't thought of herself as bisexual, but she'd known she wasn’t exactly straight either. She found having a third play partner quite exciting and when in the heat of play, she’d found that she enjoyed the younger woman’s body almost as much as Paul did. It had all worked out quite nicely.

The only bump in the road so far had come after Jenny moved into their home with them. Jenny had recently gone back to college and was trying to finish her degree after dropping out midway through the first time around. Laci and Paul supported her in her efforts and it seemed logical for Jenny to move in to save on expenses.

That had been just over a month ago and although they’d clearly laid down the rules for Jenny, she had been a bit lax in following them. Laci thought at first it she just needed time to adjust and in time Jenny would begin doing her chores as Paul had lined out for her.

Jenny was supposed to help with basic housekeeping, keep her room and bathroom clean, help with the cooking, and any other household tasks as needed. It wasn’t too much to ask but Jenny never seemed to follow through. She always had a paper to write or a test to study for. She also had a part-time job and Laci began to feel sorry for her, worrying that she had too much to do. Without mentioning any of this to Paul, Laci began doing her share as well as Jenny’s share of work around their house.

By doing so, Laci had only made things worse by picking up the slack for Jenny. Laci kept hoping Jenny would get settled in and start helping eventually. Of course, that time didn’t come and Laci realized that it wasn’t going to happen without intervention.

The problem then was how to tell Paul. By telling him that Jenny wasn’t doing her part, Laci would have to admit to her own part in the downward spiraling domestic arrangement. Once she was honest with herself, she realized that by covering for Jenny, she’d been deceiving Paul about how smoothly things were going in their new arrangement. She was suddenly overcome with guilt and she knew she had to tell him immediately. She’d never once deceived Paul, until now, of course.

It was Friday and Laci knew that after dinner would be the best time to make her confession to Paul. By the time she went to him, she felt so guilty that it was with head down and tears threatening, that Laci approached him in his study that evening.

Paul seemed surprised at first, but he quickly became quite stern as he questioned Laci about the situation.

“You’ve been doing all the work around the house for the last month without any help from Jenny?” he demanded.

“She’s helped a little…” Laci hedged.

“But you’ve been doing most of it,” Paul calmly stated.

“Yes, sir” she replied softly.

“So you two have been fooling me about how smoothly things have been running since we began this new situation?” he asked sternly.

“Yes, but…I…I mean…” Laci stammered.

“Yes, period, end of story,” he growled. “You definitely haven’t been honest with me. You’ve been hiding this information from me.”

That’s when the tears began to flow down Laci’s face. Paul sighed as he looked at his now crying sub. He knew her heart had been in the right place, but that wasn’t going to save her bottom.

“Laci, you know better than this,” he began to lecture. “You should never have started doing her chores. You have enough to do and taking care of her was not in the bargain we made. You should have brought this to my attention earlier!”

“But I think I understand,” Paul continued with a softer tone. “You just wanted this to all work out and you’ve looked out for Jenny since the day we met her. I guess this was bound to happen.”

As Laci looked up hopefully at him, Paul continued.

“But that doesn’t get you off the hook. You’re still in trouble. Jenny’s a grown up and she needs to learn her responsibilities. By covering for her, you allowed her to break the rules I laid down without consequence. She deserved to be punished and you kept that from me. You know better than that, young lady.”

Laci’s heart practically skipped a beat at that point; Paul only called her “young lady” when she was in trouble. Paul took a deep breath as he made his plans.

“You’re both to be punished,” he said in his strict no nonsense voice. “Now go downstairs to the play room, undress, put your punishment mat on one of the tall stools in the corner, sit down facing the room, and wait for me. I’ll be down shortly with Jenny and we can begin our weekend festivities.”

“Weekend?” Laci asked breathlessly.

“Yes, weekend,” Paul replied sternly. “I think a nice long weekend of discipline will get this house back in order. Now do as I tell you and no more talk!”

As Laci turned to flee the room, Paul landed a heavy swat on her bottom. Laci yelped and hurried to do as he’d told her. She went straight to the basement room, pulled her punishment mat from the toy cabinet, and settled the mat and then herself onto one of the stools.

The punishment mat was a rectangle of hard rubber that Paul had made from an old computer chair mat. Turned upside down, the mat’s sharp spikes which were originally meant to keep the mat from moving around on carpet were now a discipline tool. Used before, during, and after a spanking, sitting on the mat would drive any point home.

Laci had a love/hate relationship with her mat. As much as it hurt to sit on, it also fit right into her spanking desires. She enjoyed erotic spankings, but being disciplined was something she craved. She needed a strong man to keep her in line and discipline in any form made her feel fulfilled.

Laci found that sitting on her mat always got her in the proper mindset for a good lesson in discipline from Paul. It also helped to move around a bit so the lesson was continually being refreshed. Laci needed that, especially when she knew she’d been naughty. This time she’d been very naughty but she was confident that Paul would take care of that here in their special room and all would be right in her world again. She sighed contentedly and looked around the room.

This room, their play room as they called it, was large, rectangular, and spacious. Paul had put mirrored panels along sections of the walls which gave the room the illusion of space while allowing them to watch themselves at play.

Built into one of the long walls was the large cupboard from which Laci had taken her mat earlier and it held most of their implements and sex toys. Other furniture in the room included two moveable spanking benches which were pushed up against the shorter far wall across the room from where Laci now sat, two straight backed chairs, and one larger device secured to the floor in front of her. Laci looked at it quite aware that she’d soon be strapped to it receiving her much deserved discipline.

This piece of spanking hardware wasn’t just any spanking bench. It was large, X-shaped, horizontal to the floor, and rested on sturdy metal legs that were about three feet tall and secured to the floor. It was also padded and had restraints at the end of each leg of the X and a thick restraining strap near the center. The apparatus was slightly wider and elongated where the four legs came together at the center and when laid upon it, one’s torso rested solidly on that bit of platform. The two lengths meant for the spankee’s legs were longer and placed a little wider than the lengths meant for the arms. All in all, it was a very useful spanking apparatus.

Laci couldn’t help but get the shivers whenever she saw it and today was no different. She’d spent plenty of time secured to that device so she knew exactly what to expect. When placed face down and restrained, it forced her legs to stay apart while her arms were stretched across in the other direction. She found being helplessly splayed out like that for Paul was both humbling and exciting. While it served to secure her for her spankings, it also gave Paul access to her body that led to intense and exciting sessions for them both.

Despite the fact that she’d be strapped down and receiving a good dose of discipline later, it still excited her. Laci knew she deserved the spanking she would receive and that Paul would not disappoint her. He was the disciplinarian she’d always dreamed of.

With that in mind, Laci had done as instructed and then waited anxiously for Paul to arrive. Now he was here with Jenny.

Laci wiggled just a little more as she watched Paul haul Jenny over to the large spanking bench in front of her.

“Stop struggling, Jenny! You’re being a very naughty girl and you’re in enough trouble as it is.”

“But, Paul, I don’t understand!” Jenny cried. “I’ve been doing my best! I’ve been trying to keep up with school, my job, and help around the house. I can’t help it if Laci isn’t doing her part!”

Laci’s mouth dropped open and she found herself completely speechless with disbelief. Paul glanced over at her and with a slight shake of his head, gave her the signal that he wasn’t buying Jenny’s version of events.

“I saw the condition of your room and bathroom, Jenny,” Paul growled at her. “You haven’t been keeping up with your responsibilities there or anywhere else in this house. I’m no fool, I could see what was going on. I just wondered how long it would be before Laci got tired of it and owned up to her part in this.”

Jenny glanced nervously in Laci’s direction before turning her big eyes back on Paul. “Please, Paul! I promise I’ll do better! Don’t punish me…I swear I’ll clean my room!”

“Too late, Jenny,” Paul responded. “Not only did you ignore your duties and let Laci cover for you, but then you lied about it and tried to blame her. You deserve to be punished and you know it!”

“Paul, please, don’t do this,” Jenny pleaded as she cast about wildly. “Laci, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean what I said. I was desperate. I don’t want to be punished!”

“Jenny, stop acting like this!” Paul demanded, “This isn’t the first time I’ve had to discipline you and you know it. Besides, when you agreed to join us in this relationship, you said you knew you needed that kind of discipline and you agreed to submit to me and follow the same rules as Laci. Have you changed your mind? If you have, just say so and you’ll be free to leave.”

With those words, Paul released Jenny’s arm and stepped away from her. He then walked toward the implement cabinet, opened it, pulled out a heavy leather covered lexan paddle, and grabbed a straight-backed chair from its place against the wall. Paul placed the chair in the center of the room, sat down, and turned to Laci.

“Laci, get your naughty bottom over here right now.”

Laci immediately hopped down from her stool, and hurried over to Paul. Without a word, she placed herself over his lap and lifted her bottom up for her spanking.

“Good girl, Laci,” Paul said soothingly. “Now let’s have a chat about your recent behavior.”

With that, Paul delivered several stinging swats to Laci’s waiting bottom. Laci gasped but held herself in place. She knew what he expected from her.

“I’m sorry, sir!” Laci gasped as Paul continued giving her solid spanks all over her twitching bottom. “I shouldn’t have deceived you; I should have done as we agreed when Jenny moved in! I promise it won’t happen again.”

“Mmmm hmmmm,” Paul encouraged her as he stopped her spanking and rubbed the paddle across her backside. “What else?”

“Ummm I…” Laci stammered, unsure of what he meant.

Paul began spanking Laci again with fast and solid swats. “Do I have to remind you, young lady?”

“Ahhhhh!” was all Laci could manage as Paul kept up a steady rhythm of spanks across her now pink bottom.

“One of the things you know you’re supposed to do is take good care of yourself,” Paul informed her as he continued spanking her. “I believe taking on all of the household duties for three people and in the process wearing yourself out is in direct violation of that rule. Don’t you, dear?”

Again he stopped to rub her bottom with the paddle and Laci took the chance to catch her breath. She breathlessly gasped, “Yes, sir, you’re right and I’m sorry!”

“Yes, I’m sure you are and you’ll be even sorrier as this weekend goes on,” he assured her. “I have the feeling sitting at your desk on Monday is going to be quite uncomfortable.”

Paul grasped Laci tightly across the waist, pulling her close to him, and began spanking her again. He landed swat after swat on her now reddening bottom, paying special attention to her sit spot. Laci began drumming her feet on the floor and slapping the floor with her hands as she did her best not to struggle.

“Ooohhh! Paul, please!” Laci cried out pitifully. “I’m so sorrrrry! Aaaahhhhh!”

Paul simply kept up his steady assault on her bottom. Swat after swat landed firmly as Laci whimpered and pleaded with him.

Just when Laci didn’t think she could take much more, Paul abruptly stopped and lifted Laci to her feet. She immediately began rubbing her bottom and hopping from one foot to the other. He sat back in his chair and smiled indulgently at his well-spanked sweetheart.

“That’s enough of that, Laci,” Paul chided her. “Now be a good girl and go back to your stool.”

Laci’s eyes became large but she obediently turned and slowly walked over to her stool. Whimpering softly, she prepared to sit down once again on her punishment mat. Taking a deep breath, she lifted herself up on her toes, and slowly lowered her well-spanked bottom onto her mat. With a hiss of breath, she sat down completely, letting all of her weight rest on her throbbing bottom. As the little spikes bit into her punished flesh, she turned imploring eyes on Paul.

“That’s good enough for now, Laci,” Paul said, smiling at her. “Instead of sitting on your stool, stand up, turn around, lean over your stool, and put your nose firmly in that corner. That will keep your pretty red bottom in plain view for me to enjoy.”

Laci blushed almost as red as her punished backside as she turned to do as Paul instructed. She was somewhat disappointed because she couldn’t see what was happening with Jenny. But she could still hear them.

“Well, Jenny,” Paul began, “have you decided what you’re going to do? I won’t have a relationship with someone who isn’t willing to submit to my discipline. I explained that very clearly in the beginning, remember?”

“Yes, sir,” Jenny answered softly, “I’m sorry, you’re right. I agreed to this and…I need this.”

“Then let’s get down to business,” Paul’s stern voice sent shivers up and down Laci’s spine. “Jenny, take off your clothes and prepare yourself for your punishment.”

---End of Chapter One---
Nothing says "I love you" like a well-spanked bottom.
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It would be nice if you told me that information out.

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Your information, I have to say, and then it turns out that it is true.

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That is a very good comment. I think it would be nice to read it carefully.
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