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The innocent #4
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 5:05 pm    Post subject: The innocent #4 Reply with quote

For weeks, the dance of his indifference towards me was resumed. Nothing was said of the night he found me in his room, and things continued much as before. He had, however, become more demading of me, and I found my days filled with impossible tasks invented, I was convinced, to make my work as mundane and frustrating as he was capable of. I discovered that his sensitivity of me increased when I simply did as I was told, therefore I made it my role to serve him as needed, and kept my eyes lowered in his prescence.
Weekends often consisted of much the same routine as weekdays, but he addressed me one Friday afternoon as I sat in his office.
"We are to have guests this evening." I looked up at him, surprised by his use of the word "we", and he smiled warmly. "They are old friends of mine, and will be staying for the entire weekend."
I nodded shyly, and he leaned forward to press a bell on his desk. A maid hurried into the room and stood before me, her eyes lowered in the way that mine often were to him. He stood, glided around the desk, and held out his hand for me to take. I allowed him to take mine in his, and he guided me to rise, pulling my body close to his, holding his arm firmly around my waist. He pressed his lips onto my neck, and whispered into my hair, "I am inviting you as my guest."
I swallowed dryly and felt a shiver as he moved his kisses upwards, under my chin and onto my face, ending on my lips, his tongue slipping into my mouth, his grip on my body tighter. The maid shuffled backwards and he grabbed her by the wrist, holding her still while he finished his embrace. He withdrew and smiled at me, then turned to the shaking girl. "She is to be treated as a queen." The maid nodded and stepped backwards as he released her, looking up to me for her next instruction. He walked away and returned to the chair behind his desk. "You may finish early and go for your bath."
I realised that I had been dismissed, and the maid followed me from the room. She remained behind me as we ascended the stairs, and dashed forwards to open the door to my bedroom. "This is not necessary, you know," I comforted, "I do not expect you to serve me as he does."
She flushed and looked up at me through lowered lashes. "Master would not approve of that miss," she stammered, "he would be angry with me." She played with her fingers and flinched as I rested my hand on her arm. Then she withdrew to draw my bath.
I soaked in the oils she had prepared for me, and watched as she busied herself in the next room, the warm water lapping sensually around my body. I raised my limbs one at a time, and embraced the luxury, realising that I could get used to this treatment. But would he want me in that way? I quite easily saw myself as mistress of his spectacular house, and lost myself in the daydream of his becoming mine. The maid hurried into the room as she heard me rise from the water, and wrapped me in a soft towel, helping me out of the bath and fussing around me. I allowed her to pamper me, imagining myself as the queen he wished me to be, my arrogance increasing with her every attendance. I sat naked in front of the mirror and asked her coldly to dress my hair. She obeyed dutifully and I considered myself above her. I was his guest now, not in his service.
I descended the stairs in the cream satin gown he had chosen for me, and his eyes spoke the desire that he felt, and that his lips would not betray. I was aware of the fabric against my bare skin, my breasts covered only slightly, my hips swaying, the material caressing them as I moved. He watched my every step, crooked his arm for me to take, and led me into the dining room.
The table was set for six, and he seated me at one end of the table while he took the other. Two gentlemen sat on each side of me, in evening dress, and a lady sat beside him. I wondered at the emptiness of the other seat, and reason told me that it would be another lady that was to be seated there. The woman already seated instantly engaged him in conversation. She was elegant and poised, and incredibly beautiful, but his eyes were on mine. I smiled carefully, but his expression was unreadable. Jealousy surged through me. The gentlemen seated near me did not engage me in conversation, and in fact conversed animatedly with each other. I was being ignored, and had not been introduced. Hopeful that the sixth guest would insist on an introduction, I sipped the wine that had been served to me, and silently concentrated on remaining as elegant as the lady who now had her hand on my masterís, and her other on his knee.
The sixth guest entered the room, and confusion ripped through me. The assembled party rose to greet her, and my master made the introductions, leaving me out as he worked around the table. I sat uncomfortably, unsure of what to do, still reeling with the shock of the sixth guest, who stood gracefully beside her chair.
It was the maid who had attended me only a short time earlier.

She was dressed in a revealing black dress, her hair loose around her shoulders, her hand in my masterís, and he was kissing her passionately, holding her body close to his in a loversí embrace.
Dinner was slow and uncomfortable, and I willed it to end. Nobody spoke to me, and there was no opportunity for me to engage anyone in conversation, even if Iíd had the confidence to do so. The party moved to the drawing room, and I sat self consciously on the edge of a plush chaise, my eyes pleadingly raised towards him. Why was he doing this? Why was he teasing me with the maid? Who did she think she was? I sunk another glass of wine and sat up straight. She was not going to get to me.
The maid left the room with the lady guest, to show her the house, and I was left alone with the men. Attention suddenly turned to me. My master stood and took my hand, leading me over to the fireplace. The tenderness in which he did this surprised me, and a glimmer of hope rose in my chest. Would they now see what I was to him? All eyes were on me as he reached for my shoulders and for the wide straps of my dress. Then to my horror he slid them down, and I found myself naked amongst the strangers in front of me. I tried desperately to cover myself, but he had my wrists held firm, anticipating my next move, and I struggled against his restraint.
"Let me go," I hissed, my head turned towards him in defiance. He laughed and addressed his friends.
"I think the lady objects!"
They were amused by my rage, and this further spurred him on, as he reached for a rope and bound my wrists together, forcing me to the ground and pulling me back as I stumbled forward. I struggled against the ropes and cried out in frustration as I pulled away from him. He grabbed my hair and pulled me back again, my eyes searching for his face through my tears. I had a surge of emotions, the pain mixed with my lust for him. I wanted him to stop, but I needed him inside me. I wanted every part of him. He had spent weeks taunting me, and teasing me, and hurting me, but it only made me desire him more. I wanted him to kiss me again. But above all I wanted him to touch me, and feel the wetness that was building up inside me again.
He walked away and sat down again, leaving me alone in the centre of the room.
The women returned, and I looked up from my position on the floor. They were dressed in beautiful and expensive lingerie, and circled me mockingly like vultures. The guest walked behind me and grabbed my hair. She stood either side of my calves and pulled me backwards, her other hand on my chin. I sneered in defiance, and she laughed. As my eyes glanced sideways, I caught my master watching the scene, excitement in his eyes, and suddenly I wanted to please him. I was determined that he would take me tonight.
The maid kneeled in front of me on her hands and knees, and flicked her tongue close to my nipple. A bolt of electricity shot through me, and I gasped in pleasure. She repeated the act and I closed my eyes. My master would want me if I yielded, therefore I would yield. She took my nipple in her mouth and sucked gently, then her other hand reached for the other breast, forcing my back to arch in response. The guest reached down to kiss me, her tongue flicking in and out of my mouth, her hand still in a firm hold on my hair, pulling it hard. Their job was to seduce me, this much was clear.
The maid hungrily devoured my breasts, and all envy evaporated as her hand slid down my body, and between my legs. She slipped her fingers inside me and I moaned. She removed her bra and pushed me towards her breasts, so that I could return the favour. I sucked generously, and then she pulled away, leaving me wanting more. She removed her panties and stood before me, again pushing herself towards me, forcing me to taste her. I hungrily lapped at her pussy, forcing my mouth into her, feeling my own wetness seeping down my legs as I tasted hers. She lay down in front of me and I continued at my task, my own ass in the air.
The guest walked around in front of me, and I looked up from what I was doing, seeing now that she too was naked, apart from something new: a generous phallus strapped to her hips. She returned to my rear and the maid pulled away, pushing my face to the floor. I could still taste her on me as the rug grazed my cheek. I licked my lips, wanting her to return.
It didnít take long before I was distracted again, however. The guest was now teasing me with her own tongue, sliding it up my thighs in turn, temptingly close to my sex, and then up onto my buttocks. I pushed towards her, begging her to take me, knowing that the phallus was meant for me, and wanting it, needing it. She pulled away, leaving me exposed, and I looked across to my master. He was visibly aroused.
I felt her tongue return, and she was more accommodating this time, flicking it where I wanted it, probing deeply into me. I watched my master as my pleasure increased, and the more I felt pleasure, the more he did too. He was enjoying my desire, and I wanted him more than ever, trying to block the questions, and wondering why he did not simply take me as I wanted him to.
Suddenly her tongue pulled back, and I felt something else in its place. She was taunting me with the phallus, her hands gently holding my hips as she held it at my entrance, sliding it in a fraction before removing it again and leaving me wanting. I bucked against her and closed my eyes. Then she slid it in all the way and I gasped.
I could hear the quick breaths of the men around me, and it aroused me further as she fucked me harder, my own breathing getting faster, her thrusts deeper. My wrists strained against the ropes and I longed to break free, longed to grab at her, at my master, to feel skin against my fingers, against my lips. She quickened her pace and I felt her move into a rhythm, bringing me closer to my peak. Then the electricity surged through me as my body gave way to her pleasures. I let out a moan, the rush of my orgasm bringing flush to my cheeks, my eyes pressed together tightly.
I opened them slowly.
She withdrew and I felt coldness where she had been, my pussy pulsing, the vibrations ceasing as my breathing slowed to a gentle irregular pant. My knees buckled and I lay on my side. I watched the two gentlemen stand, their erections clear, as she joined them, the phallus wet with my juices. She removed it and sucked it slowly in front of them, then they led her from the room in her nakedness, and my eyes closed again.
When I opened them my stomach lurched. The maid was still there.
She was sat astride my master and he was inside her.
For weeks I had wanted what he was giving her. I ached for him, and all he had given me was pain and suffering. But it didnít make me want him less. It had all served to make me want him more. I wanted to look away, but I couldnít, the tears stinging my eyes. He acted as if I wasnít there as she moved on top of him, her moans getting louder. I could see his face, his eyes closed in ecstasy, his fingers pressing into her buttocks as he came close to his finish. He moaned loudly and grabbed her, pushing her onto him hard. And then he was quiet.
She climbed off him and stood in front of him, as if to take her next instruction. He gestured towards me, and she pouted. She untied me and left the room, closing the door behind her.
I stared at him for what seemed like a long time, my eyes red, my body limp.
"Come," he whispered.
Dragging myself onto my knees, I crawled over to him and sat obediently at his feet, a pet waiting for its masterís command. He was still clothed, but his manhood stood proud still, glistening with his juices mixed with those of the maidís. He indicated what I was to do, and I pulled myself up to clean him.
As my mouth closed over his penis, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of finally making contact with what I had been longing for. I hungrily lapped at him, licking him clean, devouring every taste, enjoying the sensation of him on my tongue, on my lips. I wanted this feeling forever, I wanted him inside me. I wanted him more than ever. He pulled me away and I pushed against him, fighting to keep him inside my mouth, not wanting to release him.
Finally he forced me to break away, and I looked up at him, my eyes filled with lust, his salty taste on my tongue, my chin glistening as I wiped it with the back of my hand.
"That is enough for now, my goddess," he whispered. Then he stood, and walked from the room, leaving me alone and wanting yet again.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This issue needs to be publicized, of course, I assure you.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I read it very well. Hope there will be episode 5 I'm waiting for it. gclub

gclub royal
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 5:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This topic is most useful.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 5:22 am    Post subject: asics outlet orlando Reply with quote

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