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Sunburned in San Diego
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Alex B.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 06, 2006 6:43 am    Post subject: Sunburned in San Diego Reply with quote

by Alex B.

Julie Mc Adams leaned against her kitchen table and sipped a
glass of iced tea as she flipped through her mail. Between the
T.V. Guide and the electric bill was an envelope that had a
return address from Phoenix, Arizona. Tossing the other mail
aside, Julie took the letter into her bedroom where she sat down
on the edge of the bed to read it. The letter was in reply to
a personal ad she'd placed in a magazine called, “Hands On”
two months earlier. Her ad read:

“Got a hand that's just itching to spank a naughty bottom?

Attractive single lady 37, short black hair and hazel eyes,
seeks firm-handed woman 30-45 for casual O.T.K encounters.

Role playing optional. Sense of humor and discretion a must!”

Write c/o JM in San Diego, CA.”

“Dear JM,” the reply began. “I’m a social worker in Phoenix.

I’m 39, nice-looking and physically fit with blue eyes and curly
auburn hair. I am recently divorced and have fantasized for years
about spanking other women. Work keeps me in town most of
the time, but my weekends are free for travel. I’m sending you
a S.A.S.E. so you can reply. If you’re not interested, simply mail
the envelope back to me and I’ll understand.

Otherwise, I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, R.W."

The letter writing went on for another month. They exchanged
stories and photographs of themselves and told each other their
real names. R.W.’s was Rachel Walker. Then one of Rachel’s letters
included her phone number. The night after receiving the letter,
Julie called Rachel.

“Hello, Rachel?”


“This is Julie from San Diego.”

“Oh. Hi, Julie! I’m glad you called!”

“Are you free to talk?”

The conversation was like that of any other two people for about
five minutes. Then Rachel ventured past the bounds of the weather
and other pleasantries.

“So, how did you get interested in spanking?”

“I’m not sure when the seed was first planted.” Julie said.

“My parents spanked me occasionally, but I certainly didn’t attach
any enjoyment to that! Then one day, when I was fifteen, I was
watching Monty Python and The Holy Grail on t.v. with my boyfriend
and there was this scene where all these women in a convent were
begging Sir Galahad to spank them.”

“I love that scene!” Rachel cried. “It’s so hot!”

“I know! I couldn’t understand it, but the idea of all those women
wanting a spanking gave me this funny feeling inside.”

“What did your boyfriend think of the scene?” Rachel asked.

“He just laughed.”

“Did you tell him how you felt?”

“Oh, no!" Julie said. "I was too shy. We hadn’t even kissed.
I wasn’t planning on ever telling anyone about it! But the next
summer, when I went to cheerleading camp, things changed.
There was this beautiful girl with long blonde hair. Her name
was Heather. She was captain of my squad and was always getting
on us about being on time for practice. Without thinking much
about it, I suggested spanking as a punishment for tardiness."

“Then you showed up late all the time.”

“Every chance I got! I wasn’t generally interested in girls then,
but Heather had the prettiest face and the most beautiful silky
thighs I had ever seen. I found myself constantly daydreaming
about laying across them all the time. One day, when I’d been
twenty minutes late, Heather had me stay after practice. She said
she’d decided to take me up on my spanking idea. I followed her
into a wooded area in back of an empty baseball field. She sat
down on a fallen tree and reached out and took me by the wrist.
Then she yanked me to her side and without a word grabbed the
elastic band of my shorts pulling them down to my knees. My panties
went with them. I could feel goose bumps rising up on my legs and
arms as she hauled me over her lap. She didn’t waste any time.
The spanking started fast and hard and it stayed that way until it
was over. It couldn’t have been more than two minutes, but those
were two minutes I’ll never forget! I still remember the feeling
of the cool air on my bottom just before the first swat landed and
the sound of her hand smacking my ass over and over. And I know it
sounds funny, but I’ll never forget the smell of the juniper berry
bushes that surrounded us. That was the first of several spankings
I got from Heather that summer. For the next three weeks, she toyed
with me at every opportunity. She’d give my ass a hard smack when
nobody was looking. I mean a slap that would lift me off my feet!
One day, in the shower, she hauled back and gave me such a swat
I had to cover my mouth to keep from crying out. She’d stand right
behind me during exercise and whisper: ‘In ten minutes, those
shorts are coming down!’ It was a little bit frightening at times,
but I couldn’t resist her. She had me under a spell. Whenever we
could get away together and find a private spot, it would be only
seconds before Heather had me pinned over those heavenly legs
with my gym shorts around my ankles. Damn! Could she spank hard!
I remember standing up at the back of the bus all the way home.”

“What turned you on the most?” Rachel asked.

“It was when she took me by the wrist. That’s when I really got
weak in the knees. Ever since then, I’ve loved that moment just
before a spanking when I get taken by the wrist and bent over.
Most people don’t get that it’s the details that can make or break
a spanking. It’s the way someone scolds me, the way they pull my
panties down. There’s so much more to it than just the spanking
itself. If all I wanted was to get my ass slapped, I’d be a
waitress at a truck-stop!”

The two laughed.

“All right, what was your first experience?” Julie inquired.

Rachel took a deep breath and began.

“Okay, I was in college. I was a freshman and I met this other
freshman girl in a chemistry class. Her name was Masami. She was
very American, but her parents were from Japan. I’ve always been
attracted to Asian women. We became fast friends. I couldn’t
help but notice that she seemed to be flirting with me at times.
One night, I went over to her dorm room to study and talk.
The first thing I noticed when she invited me in was that on the
wall over her bed was a poster of a woman spanking another woman.
I didn’t say anything at first, but after a while I just had to
ask her who the woman on the poster was.

‘Betty Page.’ she said. ‘Isn’t she beautiful?’

I took a long hard look at the picture. It was black and white
and had a very early fifties look to it. This tall woman holding
a hairbrush had another woman in a black bra and panties over
her knee. The young woman getting spanked had long, silky black
hair, just like Masami’s.

‘I wish I were her.’ Masami said, looking at the poster.

She told me she’d found a hairbrush just like the one in the photo.
Then she went into the bathroom, brought it out and handed it
to me. It was this heavy oak brush which I patted against my palm
a few times. I asked her if she had ever been spanked with it.
She told me she’d smacked herself with it a few times, but that
was all. We both stood there for a moment looking at each other.
She took her hair out of the ponytail it was in and let it fall
around her shoulders. We started to take off each other’s clothes.
When we were both down to our underwear, like the women in the
picture, I took a chair from behind a nearby desk and sat down.
Masami carefully slid over my lap. As I took hold of the top of
her panties, she arched her hips so I could slide them down past
her thighs. She had the most beautiful bottom, Julie. It was small
and round and so soft! I ran my hand over her perfect cheeks for
at least a minute. I almost didn’t want to spank them. You know,
the way a cake is sometimes so beautiful you nearly hate to eat it.
But then I raised the brush and gave her perfect ass a smack.
She jerked and gasped, yet I could tell that she wanted more.
So I hauled back and began giving her a real bottom blistering
with that brush. She was kicking and crying before I was done.
Of course, at any moment one of her room mates might have walked
in on us, which only added to the excitement. Afterward, I stood
her up and we kissed for the longest time. We took off our
remaining clothes and laid down on top of the covers wrapped
in each other’s arms. It was so...”

“Beautiful!” Julie sighed.

There was long moment of silence before Rachel spoke again.

“Listen... I want you to say something for me.”

“All right.” Julie said, softly.

“I want you to say ‘bare’.”


“Good. Now say ‘bottom’."


“Say ‘spanked’.”


“Now I want you to say, ‘I’m going to get my bare bottom spanked.’”

“It’s so embarrassing.” Julie giggled.

“I know. It’s delicious, isn’t it?”

“It’s deliciously humiliating. My face is warm.”

“You’re blushing.”

“I am.”

“What are you thinking about right now?”

“I’m bent over. All the blood is rushing to my head and your hand
is all over my ass.... caressing... squeezing.”

“Then what?”

“Then you tell me I’ve been very bad and that you’re going to
spank me.”

“Do you want me to spank you?”

“I need you to! I need your hand! I need to be over your knee!”

“Or maybe I’ll bend you over a chair.”

“No! Over your knee, please! It’s where I belong. I want to feel
your thighs against mine!”

“What a naughty girl!”

“I’m the naughtiest girl in the world! The question is- when are
you going to come to San Diego and do something about it?”

“All right. When are you free?”

“This weekend would be good, only...”

“Only what?”

“I have to work Saturday morning.”

“That’s okay. I’ll call and make reservations at a hotel for the
weekend, then I’ll fly into town Saturday night and stay over.
Sunday morning I pick you up and you can show me the town.
Then, if everything goes well, we can go back to the hotel
and play some games.”

“I don’t really think games will be necessary.”

“You know what I mean. I’ll call you Friday night and we’ll
work out the details. Now, come on... say it for me.”

Julie hesitated a moment, then spoke slowly in a girlish manner.

“I’m going to get my bare bottom spanked.”

Saturday evening, Rachel boarded a late flight from Phoenix to
Lindbergh Field in San Diego and spent the remainder of the night
at a hotel in La Jolla.

Sunday morning Rachel and Julie strolled through Balboa Park and
the San Diego Zoo. In the afternoon, they drove back to La Jolla
and walked along the beach. It was a lovely day marred only a few
times by bratty behavior on Julie’s part. When it had come time to
leave the zoo, she complained loudly and on the way to the beach,
she insisted on having the windows down even though Rachel, who
had rented the car, wanted them up. Then, at the beach, she
continually kicked sand at Rachel. This was the only time Julie
received a verbal warning.

“Young lady, I'll take you over my knee and spank you right here
in front of everybody!” Rachel said well within earshot of several
sunbathers, causing Julie to blush openly. “I think it’s time we
go back to my hotel room.” Rachel added quietly.

Julie bowed her head, nodding in agreement.

As the two women entered the air conditioned hotel room, Julie
meekly stated the obvious.

“I’m going to get it, aren’t I?”

“Oh, yes!” Rachel answered. She sat down on the edge of the bed,
motioning for Julie to approach. Julie walked forward slowly.
Rachel snapped her fingers. “Take off that dress.” As soon as
Julie had taken off her simple sun dress, Rachel grabbed it and
tossed it aside. “Now the bra.” Julie removed her bra which was
also tossed to the floor. “And those shoes.” Julie kicked off
her shoes and awaited further instructions. Saying nothing, Rachel
grabbed Julie’s peach colored panties by the waistband at each hip
and yanked them down to her knees which were just then beginning
to shake. The cool air rushed across Julie’s naked ass cheeks.
She became dizzy and her mouth went dry. The uncertain feeling in
her stomach that came whenever Heather had taken her by the wrist
had returned. And, for the first time in years, Julie McAdams
was all goose bumps.

“Bend over!” Rachel barked. Her voice was like a starter's pistol.
Julie’s body jerked and she obeyed the command. She bent forward,
carefully placing her hands on Rachel’s right thigh and knee,
then on her left thigh and knee and then on the floor, all the
while lowering herself until her midsection was balanced across
Rachel’s lap. “By the way,” Rachel said as she smoothly ran a hand
across Julie’s round white cheeks. “I think from now on you should
address me as ma’am when you’re being punished. What do you think
about that?”

“All right.” Julie agreed.

Her bottom was immediately given a sound smack.

“I beg your pardon?”

“I- I- I mean yes, ma’am.” Julie stammered.

“Good. Let’s begin.”

Rachel unceremoniously lifted her hand and began slapping Julie’s
ass with gusto. There was no warm-up or teasing, just a sound
spanking that had Julie flinching and wincing from the start.
The pace of the swats increased and decreased only slightly as
they were administered. Rachel’s style was methodical, but far
from machine-like. The slaps were even and consistent and yet some
were clearly more vindictive than others. Julie’s bottom was being
brought to a rosy glow by the hand of a woman who knew just how
to do it. Julie gritted her teeth and managed not to cry out even
though the assault on her backside was terribly painful. She was
in heaven. Thoughts of her days at cheerleading camp flashed
through her mind, she could almost smell the juniper berries.
She even feared that she might call out Heather’s name.

And, just like those camp encounters, it was all over too soon.

“Stand up.” Rachel commanded. Julie pushed herself from Rachel’s
lap and stood. The peach panties slid down to her ankles.
“Are you going to start behaving yourself, now?”

“Yes... for now.” Julie said coyly.

Rachel reached back and gave the vixen’s bottom a hard slap.

Julie yelped and arched her hips forward slightly.

“What was that?!”

“Yes, ma’am.” Julie gulped politely.

Rachel stood, walked over to a closet and took out a white
cotton bathrobe. She noticed that Julie was rubbing her bottom
and trying to look back and survey the damage.

“How’s that fanny feeling?” Rachel asked, slinging the robe over
her shoulder.

"Well-done!” Julie replied with a smirk. “Care to kiss it better?”

“I’ll tell you what,” Rachel smirked back. “I’m going take a
shower and try to wash some of this sand off. I want you to stand
here with your panties around your ankles and think about what
a naughty girl you’ve been. If I come back and find you standing
right where I left you, we’ll go out and have a nice dinner.
If I come back and find you anywhere else, it’s another trip over
my knee.” Rachel pointed a threatening finger. “And next time
won’t be so much fun!”

With that, she went into the bathroom and closed the door.

As soon as she heard the shower being turned on, Julie kicked off
her panties, ran to the full-length mirror on the closet door
and turned around to her look at her sore backside. What she saw
amazed her. Her bottom was perfectly pink, not splotchy or uneven
anywhere. It was as if she'd gone to the beach and gotten a
sunburn, but only on her bottom. It was a work of art. Julie threw
herself onto the bed and closed her eyes. She couldn’t stop smiling
or thinking about what a perfect paint job she’d just had applied
to her back porch. Soon her hands wandered down below her waist.
She fingered herself and thought about how easily she’d been
taken over Rachel’s knee and about Rachel’s firm thighs and even
firmer hand. The feeling of her hot, stinging ass cheeks against
the coarse lining of the bed cover spurred her on. The faster she
rubbed herself on the bedspread the deeper she plunged her fingers.
She became so involved with herself, she didn’t notice that the
shower was no longer running and a minute later, when Rachel swung
the bathroom door open, Julie was genuinely surprised.

“Well now, what do we have here?” Rachel said, folding her arms.

“Oops! Looks like you caught me!” Julie shrugged her shoulders
and tried to smile.

Rachel tightened the knot in the belt on her robe and advanced.

“All right, you! Get up!” This time, Rachel took her by the wrist,
a detail that sent a shiver up Julie’s spine. She pulled Julie
from the mattress and over to a nearby chair. Rachel turned the
chair outward and sat down on it. “I guess you didn’t get the
message earlier.”

“Oh, I got it! I was just hoping to get it again!”

“As you wish!” Rachel said, tossing Julie’s naked form across
her lap. She took a large wooden hairbrush from a pocket in her
robe, lifted it up high and without further warning began to give
Julie a very harsh spanking with it. Julie’s body shuddered at
the first few blows. Her buttocks tensed and she let out a
high-pitched squeal which was unusual for her. This was her first
serious encounter with a hairbrush and she wasn’t prepared for
the sharp intensity of the swats. Rachel could sense this and in
between the stinging blows she glibly lectured her partner.
“Now listen up, Miss McAdams!” WHACK! “Things are going to be
different when you’re with me!” CRACK! “Get it?” SMACK!

“Yes!” Julie gasped in between swats.

“What was that?!” Rachel brought the brush down across Julie’s
bottom with a resounding slap.

“Ooh! I mean no! I mean, yes ma’am!”

Rachel switched the brush to her left hand and began massaging
Julie’s ass cheeks with her right. She lightly ran the nail of
her middle finger between those hot swollen cheeks and then patted
them lovingly a few times.

“I don’t plan to be this severe every time I punish you.”
Rachel cooed. “After all, the threat of a spanking can be nearly
as thrilling as the actual execution. However,” she paused.
“when I warn you that your behavior is going to get your ass in
trouble and you choose to ignore me...” Julie peered over her
shoulder to see that the brush was back in Rachel’s right hand
which was raised. Julie turned away and tried to brace herself for
what was to come, which was the hardest swat Julie’s bottom had
ever received. After that, the spanking became fast and frenzied.
Rachel swung the brush in rapid circles, like a Ferris wheel out
of control. Each rotation of her wrist bringing another dose of
misery to her companion's quivering buns. Julie began kicking.
She gripped a chair leg with one hand and clawed at the carpet
with the other. Tears were streaming down her burning face.
She tried to cry out, but found to her amazement that in the
excitement of what had become the spanking of a lifetime, she had
developed an uncontrollable case of the hiccups. Every time she
opened her mouth to beg for mercy she could only gulp air.

“Could anything be more humiliating than this?” she thought to
herself as the spanking reached its climax. “Could anything be
more intoxicating?”

Just as Julie’s hiccups subsided, so did her punishment.
Rachel tossed the hairbrush on the bed and immediately grabbed
hauled Julie to her to her feet.

“Now, am I going to have to use that brush again on this trip?”

Julie, who was sobbing uncontrollably and gripping her bottom with
both hands, managed to respond.


Julie stood there for a moment, teary-eyed and weak-kneed,
until Rachel placed her hands on her shoulders and softly kissed
her neck. Julie’s eyes rolled back in her head and she gratefully
wrapped her arms around Rachel, pulling them together.
Rachel’s hands slid from Julie’s shoulders, down her back and
then cupped her stinging buttocks giving them a gentle squeeze.
Julie sighed and ground herself against Rachel’s waist.
Rachel pressed her lips to Julie’s left ear.

“Put your clothes on. We’re going out to dinner.”

Surprised, Julie pulled away a little.

“But aren’t we going to-”

“Next trip.” Rachel cut her off. “Now get dressed or I’ll pick up
that hairbrush and...”

Julie immediately let go of Rachel and began looking around for
her clothes. She found her dress lying behind the bed and started
putting it on hurriedly.

“I’m not sure I’ll be able to sit down!” she said.

“I know.” Rachel laughed as she walked back into the bathroom.
“But it’s going to be a pleasure watching you try!”

Julie was able to sit at the restaurant, but she squirmed in her
seat a bit during the meal. She noticed Rachel checking her watch.

“What time is your flight?” she asked.

“In about two hours.” Rachel sighed. “Listen, why don't you stay
in my hotel room tonight after I leave. It's already paid for.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“Let me make something clear right now,” Rachel took on a more
serious tone. “I wanted very much to be with you tonight.
When you were standing there with your panties down, rubbing that
hot little bottom of yours, I was as turned on as I’ve ever been
in my life!”


“Yes, really! What do you think I was doing in the shower?”

They both laughed.

Then Rachel took Julie’s hands into hers.

“And I’m sure that when you come out to Phoenix, I won’t be nearly
so shy about it.”

“I wish I could come back with you tonight!” Julie pouted.

“Me too, but let’s be practical. When can you get a few days off?”

“Labor Day weekend is next month. I could fly out then.”

“Then next month.” Rachel said as she leaned down and kissed
Julie’s fingers.

“I’ll think about you.” whispered Julie.

“You’d better!” Rachel said, smiling.

By the time Rachel was boarding the red-eye flight to Phoenix,
Julie was lying on her stomach in the hotel bed, letting her hands
wander across her tender, pink, ass cheeks. She was thinking about
Rachel’s powerful hand. She grasped both of them as she imagined
herself sprawled out over Rachel’s lap. And when she thought about
all the possibilities that awaited her in just a month, her hands
crept under her hips. The air conditioner blew a chilling breeze
across Julie’s sore, throbbing bottom. It was a lovely contrast
to the fire that was burning just below.

"I'll love you 'til you can't sit down!”
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