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Laci Loves A Firm Hand - Chapter 2
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 4:26 am    Post subject: Laci Loves A Firm Hand - Chapter 2 Reply with quote

Chapter 2

With her nose firmly stuck in the corner and her freshly spanked bottom sticking out for Paul to enjoy, all Laci could do was listen intently while trying to shift her eyes far enough to the side to catch a glimpse of the activity in one of the mirrors. She wanted to see what her partners were doing in the other part of their basement playroom. She especially wanted to see Jenny get her portion of their punishment.

“You heard me Jenny, prepare yourself!” Paul’s commanding voice bounced off the basement walls.

Laci heard Jenny’s breath catch and then heard her moving around.

“That’s it; take off all your clothes. Punishments in this house are done strictly in the nude,” Paul’s instructions were punctuated with the sound of leather making dull slapping noises.

Because Jenny wasn’t in striking distance of his strap yet, Laci knew from experience that Paul was probably holding one of his solid leather straps in his hand and slapping it against his palm. It was enough to rattle anyone who was about to be on the receiving end of that sound.

“Fold your clothes up properly and set them aside now,” Paul continued. “You should get used to folding clothes, Jenny; you’re going to be doing quite a bit of it as you catch up with your housework.”

Jenny didn’t say anything but Laci could hear her shuffling around and she strained her eyes trying to catch a glimpse of what was happening.

“Up on the bench, I need to get you restrained properly.” Paul sounded so stern and commanding that Laci began filling with excitement and desire.

The sounds of buckles clanking, chains clanking softly, and then leather being pulled taut reached her ears.

“If you take your nose away from the wall, Laci,” Paul’s stern voice cautioned, “You’ll sit on your punishment mat until I’m done with Jenny, and then you’ll get an extra special spanking for being nosy.”

“Yes, sir,” Laci replied. Her bottom throbbed but it was quickly developing into that familiar spreading warmth that she enjoyed so much after a good spanking. As much as the punishment mat’s mean rubber spikes might poke at her smarting bottom, she didn’t think sitting on her mat would be too horrible if it meant being able to watch Paul give Jenny her spanking.

“Okay, that looks about right,” Paul commented. “Feel solid, Jenny?”

“Yes, sir,” Jenny replied breathlessly.

Laci knew Paul was about to start spanking Jenny’s lovely round bottom and she couldn’t stand it another moment. She had to see! Slowly Laci turned her head to try and catch a glimpse. But instead of the anticipated vision of Jenny splayed out on the bench, she found herself looking directly at Paul’s torso. He was standing between the bench and Laci holding a thick leather strap in his hands and directing a smoldering look in her direction.

“Laci! What did I just tell you?” Paul’s voice was stern but his eyes were agleam. He took a few steps over and as he raised the strap, Laci’s head snapped back toward her corner.

The strap came down on the fullest part of her bottom with a resounding crack. Laci gasped and a second stroke landed just below where the previous one landed.

“Owwww,” Laci moaned, her backside on fire from those two solid strokes.

“Now turn around and sit that bright red bottom of yours firmly on your punishment mat, young lady! I want you well tenderized when I get back to you after I’ve tended to Jenny here.”

“Yes, sir,” Laci replied a bit too enthusiastically as she turned and sat down carefully on her punishment mat covered stool. Ohhh! Those mean little rubber spikes poked sharply into her bottom, intensifying the sting left by the strap.

Paul had moved to Jenny’s side and placed his hand on the small of her back. Jenny’s wrists and ankles were restrained, causing her naked body to stretch out along the frame, her legs pulled widely apart. From where Laci sat, her fellow sub’s most private parts were on complete display.

Paul’s strong voice got Laci’s attention back immediately. “Are you ready to accept your punishment, Jenny?”

“Yes, sir,” Jenny replied softly.

“Good,” was all Paul said as he raised the strap high before bringing it down sharply across Jenny’s plump bottom.

Laci heard Jenny suck her breath in but the strapped down sub uttered no sound as Paul began her strapping. He slowly laid stroke after stroke on her lovely round orbs. He was methodical, making sure to evenly cover her entire bottom with his strokes.

The room reverberated with the sound of leather slapping loudly over and over again and soon Jenny began to grunt and moan with each stroke.

“Uhh,” she gasped as the strap landed with a resounding “thwack.” As the strap landed again, the sound was quickly followed by a moan from the now straining Jenny. Over and over, it was repeated.

Paul was silent during this part of the spanking. He concentrated on landing stroke after stroke exactly as he wanted.

It was quite an intense strapping and Laci was mesmerized by the scene before her. Each stroke of the thick leather strap landed hard across Jenny’s ever reddening bottom. The repetitive sound of leather meeting flesh was intoxicating and as it continued Jenny’s discomfort was becoming evident in her cries.

“Starting to feel the burn, brat?” he asked sternly.

That was when Paul changed tactics a bit. He placed a hand on the very top of Jenny’s bottom and pulled the skin taut. Laci shifted uncomfortably and winced, not only from her bottom’s own discomfort, but in memory of what she knew Paul was about to do.

With her bottom’s skin pulled up tightly and her legs spread as they were, the underside of Jenny’s bottom was fully exposed. Paul doubled up the leather strap and aimed for the lower inside of Jenny’s bottom cheek.

As the strap landed with a loud crack, Jenny threw her head back and let out a cry. Without missing a beat, Paul landed stroke after stroke on his tender target, each one overlapping some while landing just a bit further down than the stroke before it. As he reached the crease between her bottom and leg, he began striking harder.

After several hard strokes in that area, he slowly moved down to her upper thigh.

“Aaaahh,” Jenny yelled, trying her best to move her legs despite the restraints.

“Be still, you naughty girl,” Paul growled as he tried to continue her strapping. When Jenny failed to obey, he took the strap and landed a solid stroke smartly between Jenny’s spread legs, catching her fully exposed pussy right across its lips.

“Shiiiiitttt!” Jenny screamed, “What the fff…”

Before she could finish what she was going to say, Paul whipped her pussy again and again. Jenny’s head was jerking up and down as she yelped in distress.

“You want to keep cursing me, young lady?” Paul demanded, strapping her twice more between the legs before he turned to grab Jenny by the hair.

Jerking her head back, he leaned down to look her in the eye. “Well, do you?”

“Nooo, sir,” Jenny managed to gasp. “I’m so sorry. Oh, please, no more, no more…”

Paul lowered her head and walked around to her other side. “Let’s see if you can behave while I take care of this side.”

Jenny sobbed out loud at his announcement but she wasn’t struggling so Paul continued. He grabbed her right bottom cheek roughly in his hand and pulled it up tight to expose her as he had on the other side. This time he let the strap end fall just along the outer most lip of Jenny’s spread pussy lips as he slowly strapped her.

Fascinated, Laci could see that Jenny was becoming moist and she could see her pussy lips opening and closing with every stroke. The sounds coming from Jenny’s lips had also lessened. She was gasping and moaning, but she didn’t sound as distressed as she had before.

“You’re such a naughty girl, Jenny,” Paul growled, but he didn’t pause as he continued punishing Jenny. “Letting Laci do all the work around here while you lazed around. Then trying to lie about it right in front of her. I should let Laci give you a few licks of this strap before I turn you loose.”

Paul looked up and winked at Laci. “Do you think you’d like that, Jenny? To be strapped by your fellow sub? Would that keep your pussy as wet as it is now?”

Laci heard Jenny moan again as Paul moved back around the bench to her other side and began strapping her full across her bottom again.

“Oh, yes, you’re a naughty girl, Jenny, a very naughty girl. I can see it from here, you know,” he paused to grab a handful of Jenny’s bright red bottom. “You needed to be punished for your misdeed and you know it. I can see you’re happy to get what you deserve.”

“Yes, sir,” Jenny gasped. “I needed to be punished. I…ahhhh” she trailed off as Paul gave her two more solid licks with his strap.

“Yes, you did,” Paul agreed. “Now that you’ve gotten what you deserved from me, I think you should apologize to Laci.” He followed that with two more strokes.

“Ooohhh…I’m sorry, Laci,” Jenny moaned softly.

Laci smiled, as she knew exactly how Jenny felt. Jenny appeared to have slipped into subspace. Her fellow sub looked completely spent, and as Paul laid down his strap and then walked around her undoing her restraints, she barely seemed to notice.

“Here we go, hon,” Paul encouraged as he pulled Jenny up to a sitting position.

Jenny winced and moaned softly as she leaned into him. Paul hugged her tightly as he pulled her toward him and helped her slide off the side of bench slowly.

“That’s a good girl,” he spoke softly to her as he helped Jenny stand up. “Put your arm around my shoulders now.”

Keeping his arms around her, he moved her away from the bench. “Come along, now, let’s get you to bed. I’ll tuck you in.”

Half leading, half carrying Jenny, Paul moved them toward the door. As they left, he glanced back over his shoulder at Laci.

“You can get up now, Laci, and put your nose back in the corner. I’ll be back soon,” he assured her.

“Here we go, sweetie,” Paul’s voice was soft and warm as he moved them out of the room.

Wincing, Laci pulled herself up from her mat, and turned to put her nose back in the corner. She wasn’t sure how long she’d have to wait, but she didn’t mind. Jenny needed Paul right then and Laci wasn’t going anywhere.

Paul was strict but caring and Laci knew he’d spend as much time as he deemed necessary cuddling Jenny and reassuring her. He’d probably soothe her to sleep while holding her tight and then wait until he was sure she completely asleep before returning to the play room.

That is, unless Jenny recovered enough to want more than cuddling.

With that in mind, Laci put her nose firmly in the corner and waited patiently. It might be a while.

-------End of Chapter 2----------
Nothing says "I love you" like a well-spanked bottom.
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i get so much more knowledge.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You explain to me or not.
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